12 V Computer Case Fans 200 mm Fan Diameter

Choosing The Most Suitable Case Fan for Your Computer

Computers tend to heat up during use and may become remarkably hot, especially when they are used for long periods of time. It becomes increasingly uncomfortable to work on them, and you may have to let it cool first. The heat may also affect the performance of your computer, and you may notice that it becomes sluggish after some time. This makes it necessary to buy a CPU cooler to regulate airflow in the laptop in order to reduce the heat on your computer.

Why do I need a case fan?

  • Cooling your PC - This may be the primary reason for buying a case fan. As mentioned above, a heated computer and slow and uncomfortable to work on.
  • Performance - Replacing your fan will automatically boost your computers performance.
  • Preservation of quality - It may help increase the longevity of the components of your PC.
  • Upgrading - You may also replace your fan as you upgrade your PC.
  • Aesthetics - Maybe you just want your PC to look good.

What are the different types of case fans in the market?

Computer hardware companies such as Cooler Master have developed different brands of cooler fans, such as Thermaltake and MasterFan. These are distinguished by a variety of factors, which include:

  • Size - The fan sizes range between 25mm to 250 mm, depending on the size of your computer or the amount of cooling needed. 80, 120, 140, and 200 mm fans are the most common.
  • Speed - The fan speed is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). The RPM also affects the amount of noise being produced during the cooling process. The faster the fan, the noisier it is. A longer sleeve-bearing also contributes significantly to the noise.
  • LED and other cosmetics - Some fans use the energy generated by the motor to produce LED. Blue LED fans are the most common, followed by other colors such as red and white. These are used to make the PC look cool. For instance, a large fan, say a 200 mm blue LED will definitely look better than a dull and smaller non-LED fan. It is important to note, however, that LED production does not affect the performance of the fan.

What are the features of a good 200 mm fan?

  • It should work at an optimal speed with less noise. As mentioned earlier, the faster the case fan the noisier it will be. A bigger fan will have a lower RPM but it will still cool the computer at the same rate as a smaller faster fan.
  • It should be compatible with your computer. For example, Cooler Master 200 mm fans fit with most of the popular computer brands.
  • It should suit your aesthetics need. A 200 mm blue fan will definitely make your computer look good. Non-LED fans, on the other hand, should suit you well if you are not interested in making your computer conspicuous.
  • It should be of some good quality. Ensure this by purchasing it from a trusted seller.

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