Extending Your Cameras Reach with the 360mm Lens

Sometimes being up close to your subject is simply not possible; after all, not all photographers want to be up close and personal with a roaming aggressive tiger on the loose. This is when the long telephoto 360mm lens can come in handy. eBay offers a variety of 360mm lens by different camera optics brands with various apertures and stabilization features in both new or use conditions.

How can the 360mm lens add variety to your photography?

The 360mm lens can enhance photography quality and increase added value for many wildlife, nature, and sports photographers. The 360mm camera lens belongs in a unique lens category known as the long telephoto lens. Regular telephoto lenses have a focal length of about 105-200mm. The 360mm lens far exceeds the focal lengths of the regular telephoto lenses and can capture subjects that are even further away.

What features should you consider before purchasing a telephoto lens?

There are many factors to consider before investing in a long telephoto lens, and some of them are described in detailed here:

  • The reach of the subject you wish to capture: One of the key factors for reaching your subject is that your lens has the proper focal length or a long reach. Whether you are trying to take a photo of wildlife without disturbing its natural environment or trying to capture aerial creatures such as condors or hawks high in the sky while in flight, your camera needs the proper reach to produce quality images.
  • The aperture opening: A large aperture is ideal to capture long distance. A larger aperture will help your camera receive enough light in outdoor conditions under potentially low light situations.
  • Image stabilization: Image stabilization is extremely important when trying to capture a falcon in flight or an athlete at a sports game from afar.
  • Weather resistance lens: Being outdoors means that weather is a factor and having weather resistance or weather sealed lens can greatly aid your photography during extreme weather conditions.
  • A Quality, stable tripod: The larger the focal length, the longer and heavier your lenses can weigh. A good quality stable tripod can help immensely when the ground below you is uneven and your equipment is bulky.
How can you choose a compatible 360mm lens?

Most camera optics brands produce proprietary lenses for their own family of cameras and cannot be interchanged with other camera brands. Their physical camera mount on the face of the camera is only capable of securing a lens made by the same company. Several third-party camera optics manufacturers produce lenses for the main camera brands, but it is advisable to confirm with the manufacturer for compatibility questions.