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A Guide to ASUS Intel Core i7 4th Generation PC Desktop Computers

ASUS Computers with Intel Core i7 4th Generation processing chips are computers operating with either Microsoft Windows or Linux software. Desktop and laptop computers with Intel Core processors are ideal for performing basic functions, such as email, social media messaging, and office work. Many of them also are used for leisure activities, such as streaming video and playing online games during your downtime.

What sets Intel Core 4th Generation chips apart?

The Intel 4th Generation processor chip was designed to achieve maximum performance while using minimum power. While the majority of Intel Core processor chips are quad-core, there are some i7 models that are dual-core.In general, the higher the GHz, the smoother the performance. GHz combined with suitable RAM creates the most stable operations in both desktop and laptop computers.

What types of hard drive storage are available?

The hard drive on an ASUS Intel Core i7 4th Generation PC computer is where all of the data is stored unless a flash drive or removable storage device is used.Hard drives come in different sizes and have different speeds. Some hard drives contain up to 2TB of storage, while others have less storage capacity. Storage and data get accessed and saved at different speeds, depending upon the hard drive. Computers using solid-state drives access data faster than those using conventional hard drive storage. Solid-state drives also have no moving parts, making them less prone to breakdowns.

  • 5400 RPM (revolutions per minute)
  • 7200 RPM (revolutions per minute)
  • Solid-state drive (not measured in revolutions per minute but faster than 7200 RPM)

What graphics features are recommended for gaming computers?

Graphics cards are essential if someone is looking for a computer to play graphics-intensive games on. For simple games, however, a graphics card is not necessary. Any computer can play Solitaire without having issues, but for any of the first-person shooters or online open-world games, powerful graphics capability is essential. A gaming laptop usually requires a mobile graphics card to ensure functionality.

What kinds of monitors work with this computer?

In general, just about any desktop monitor would function properly. You might need an adapter, though, for certain kinds of monitors. There are three basic connections that work well.While monitors that use USB connections only require a USB port, VGA, and HDMI connections require VGA and HDMI ports. There are adapters available that allow an HDMI monitor to connect to a VGA port and vice versa.

  • VGA
  • HDMI
  • USB

Does GB RAM affect performance?

Definitely. The higher the amount of GB RAM in a computer, the more quickly the computer can perform various functions. In programs that are graphics-intensive, RAM allows for a more fluid performance.