ATV, lado a lado y UTV bombas de combustible y las unidades de Envío

ATV, Side-by-Side & UTV Fuel Pumps 

If youre rebuilding an old ATV, a new fuel pump will help you get improved performance out of it. Racers like to change out the fuel pump on their vehicle so that they can be sure theyll get the right mixture of fuel and air. Since its possible to change the fuel pump out with just a few simple tools, you might want to keep one around as a spare.

Which ATV models use in-tank fuel pumps?

Many Kawasaki vehicles use a special fuel pump that features an impeller inside the fuel tank. This in-tank design should fit the fuel pump mounts on any of the following ATV models:

  • KVF750 4x4i
  • KVF750 4x4i EPS
  • KVF750EA 4x4i NRA
  • KVF750H 4x4i EPS
  • KVF750D 4x4i

What types of fuel strainers there for ATV riders?

When you install a fuel pump, youll want to make sure that the fuel strainer is compatible. There are several different styles of fuel filter you can find. If youre working with gasoline, then youll want to use filters that feature standard fuel paper. This is so you can filter out paint chips and other impurities. If you have a UTV engine that takes diesel fuel, then youll need a filter that allows the drainage of water. In many cases, you can simply check the number on your fuel pump to find the components you need.

Can I replace a traditional pump with an electric one?

As long as the electric fuel pump in question is designed to replace the pump in the specific model of ATV you have, an electric fuel pump should work just fine. Aftermarket kits exist so you can put high-performance electric fuel pumps into ATVs that dont have any mounts for them. These high-quality parts are easy to bolt onto any vehicle that has a large enough fuel pump.

Why do fuel pump kits come with oil pressure switches?

Some fuel pump kits do come with an oil pressure switch. If you mount an electric fuel pump on a vehicle that originally had a mechanical fuel pump, then you need some way to switch the pump off. Most electric fuel pump kits have a few extra parts that make it easy. Pressure valves change the quality of the air and fuel mixture in the engine so you can shut it off if something goes wrong. Many riders prefer to add these valves to pumps that dont have them. This is so they can turn the motor off if anything goes wrong with the pump assembly.

What are grounded pumps for?

If you have an electric fuel pump, grounding it properly will potentially increase lifespan of the pump assembly. Pumps tend to push fuel better than they pull it. This is why many pump kits come with a special bracket so you can bolt the pump close to the fuel reservoir and motor. Once you ground out the fuel pump, youll have more fuel in the turbine. This extra fuel can translate into extra horsepower and better fuel economy.