Acrylic Enamel Automotive Paint Kit

Acrylic enamel paint kits let you repair your vehicle and change the color on your own. You can use one of these sets to cover up the appearance of scratches or to change the color quickly. These kits are generally easy to use and come with the necessary tools.

What comes in a standard kit?

The standard kit typically comes with all the supplies that you need for your auto job. Youll also get some tools for mixing those products. Standard kits generally include:

  • Paint: One key thing that comes with these kits is a can of paint that provides your auto with the color you want. Although most kits come with 1 gallon of paint, some come with more or less. You can search for the exact color that you want or need.
  • Temperature reducer: When mixing some of these products together, the temperature of the mixture can rise rapidly. Since you cannot put the product on while hot, most kits come with a temperature reducer. Adding just a small amount to the mixture brings the temperature down for application.
  • Hardener: This is a liquid added to the mixture that makes it dry quickly and creates the hard finish that you want.
  • Tools: Single-stage and other types of kits will come with most of the application tools that you need. A strainer helps you move the mixture from one area to another as well as remove solid debris from the mixture. Mixing cups help you measure out the amount needed and mix the products together. Youll also get sticks for stirring the mixture.
Do you need any special tools?

Single stage and other kits work well for home enthusiasts because the kits come with all of the necessary tools. You do not need any special tools to provide a coat to your car. However, a sprayer comes in handy when applying the acrylic to a larger area. This helps you create the smooth, even finish that you need. You may need a separate primer as well. One coat of primer creates a smoother surface that the acrylic can stick to better.

What is the proper ratio in the mix?

The proper mixture varies from kit to kit. You should always follow the included instructions to make sure you do things properly. Most kits tell you to use up to eight parts of the acrylic enamel to two parts of the temperature reducer. Youll also need one part of the hardening product in your acrylic enamel mixture.

What are some benefits of these kits?

Enamel kits come with paint that dries to a high gloss on the surface of your car. You can use one to match the existing color of your car to hide minor damage. These kits come with enamel that you can use on all areas of your car to give it a gloss finish as well.