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Alienware PC Desktops & All-In-One Computers

Alienware PC Desktops and All-in-One Computers

Since being introduced in 1997, Alienware has worked to push boundaries concerning what gamers expect from a prebuilt computer. In addition to the power to push frames fast, these desktops and other solutions deliver a style that is efficient and impressive.

What is Alienware?

The goal of this PC brand was to give gaming enthusiasts strong alternatives to building their own computers. The company launched Alienware laptops at a time when gaming laptops were unheard of. This brand continues to distinguish itself by accenting gaming aesthetics and quality laptop and desktop cases. They also offer graphics cards from Nvidia and Radeon as well as multi-core processors from Intel and AMD. This continues to be true even after Dell acquired the brand in 2006.

What is an Alienware PC desktop?

PC stands for personal computer, and a desktop computer is designed to be used in a fixed location, such as on a desk or table. This differs from laptops, which are built with portability in mind. The brand offers full towers, such as the Area-51, mid towers, such as the Alienware Aurora, and console-oriented cases designed for use with your TV, such as the Alienware Alpha. These housings give you ample room to add, upgrade, and replace components. They come preloaded with the following features:

  • Power supply unit
  • Motherboard
  • AMD or Intel processor
  • Nvidia, GTX, or Radeon video card
  • Memory configuration
  • HDD and/or SSD

What is an Alienware all-in-one PC?

When you purchase a gaming desktop, you often receive only a tower. You can also purchase a bundle, which may include a keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, and so forth. An all-in-one computer comes with these accessories too, but it is designed to have a much smaller footprint. Your system may look like nothing more than a monitor and input peripherals. It is a complete system, however. An all-in-one as a gaming PC is a strong option when you want a prebuilt gaming solution but don’t have a lot of space for a full-size gaming desktop. In addition to the parts for the towers, you can expect your all-in-one to include the following:

  • HD display
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse and/or touchpad
  • Integrated speaker setup

What operating systems are available for Alienware systems?

Since the brand has been making these gaming desktops and laptops since the mid-1990s, you can expect options as far back as Windows 95 in the preowned segment. The brand does generally focus on the Microsoft Windows OS, and the three primary options are:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10
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