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Buying Guide for Alpine Car Stereos and Car Audio In-Dash Units

Car stereos can provide you with the ability to listen to music and podcasts on your way to work or when taking a vacation. From compact discs to MP3 players, car stereos can play numerous types of media. Alpine offers many different types of car stereos and car audio in-dash units, all of which can be found on eBay.

What types of media can be played on Alpine stereos?

Alpine car audio systems are capable of playing a number of different types of media. Some stereos like the Alpine Halo9 are digital media receivers that can play audio from MP3 players, satellite radio, and Bluetooth devices such as smartphones. There are also models like the 7903 that are designed primarily to play compact discs as well as AM/FM radio. If you have a substantial collection of cassette discs, vintage Alpine car stereos, such as the 7163, include cassette disc functionality. Models like the CDE-172BT can play compact discs along with all forms of digital media, which includes MP3 players and Bluetooth devices.

How does the DIN unit size apply to car stereos?

When you are determining how to pair your Alpine audio system of choice with your vehicle, the DIN is a very important metric for you to know. The DIN refers to the opening within your car that accommodates the placement of a stereo. The exact measurement for a single DIN is 2 inches by 8 inches. Alpine car stereos are available as single DIN or double DIN stereos, the latter of which will only fit into an opening that's double the size of a single DIN system. Double DIN stereos are typically associated with models that include a touchscreen or large display.

What are some of the features equipped on these stereos?

While car stereos are designed mostly to play music, they can be outfitted with a variety of additional features that include the ones listed here:

  • Bluetooth technology: The inclusion of Bluetooth functionality in an Alpine car stereo means that audio streaming and hands-free talking are supported. Alpine Bluetooth car stereos can pair with most Bluetooth-enabled smartphones.
  • Integrated applications: Models like the Alpine Halo9 come with touchscreens, which means that applications can be downloaded and stored on the stereo. These applications can include radio apps, video apps, and telephone apps.
  • USB playback: Along with the compatibility of MP3 players via USB ports, more unique audio formats like WMA and FLAC can also be supported.