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American Rifleman magazine contains information that can be helpful to hunters, strategic gun owners, and NRA members. The magazines that were printed during the early 1900s feature descriptions and specs for a variety of hunting weapons while many issues throughout the 2000s feature traditional gun information. Many issues also highlight information about scopes, aiming tools, and other solutions that can strategically upgrade different hunting weapons.

Which American Rifleman issue includes information about WWII?

In the September issue of American Rifleman that was printed in 1974, you will find information about rifles that were used during World War II. The September 1974 issue of American Rifleman magazine also contains information about the carbine story.

How many pages are included in a vintage issue?

Vintage issues of American Rifleman magazine often feature several pages of informational articles. For example, throughout the 1940s, many American Rifleman magazine issues contained at least 100 pages. While many of the pages in these vintage issues featured information and articles, several also consisted of images and advertisements.

Which magazines include traditional gun information for casual hunters?

Several issues of American Rifleman magazine feature information about traditional rifles, including but not limited to issues published in 2007 and 2008. Many of the magazines that were printed in the early 2000s offer traditional gun information and articles.

What kinds of rifles are featured in American Rifleman?

Throughout the early eras, many issues featured rifles that were used by military officers while magazines that were printed in the 2000s contained guns that featured uses that were practical for hunters. Roosevelt guns, shotguns, and tactical rifles are some of the weapons that are included in most issues of American Rifleman.

Which American Rifleman issues have limited edition gun photos?

During the mid-twentieth century, American Rifleman released a series of issues that contained limited edition gun photos. For the most part, this series was limited to issues released in 1958. Throughout 1958, American Rifleman had cover designs that featured limited edition gun photos. These magazine cover photos focused on unique guns that were used during hunting routines.

What themes are featured in American Rifleman?

Issues of American Rifleman include information and articles about urban and tactical hunting treads, and issues also have specs for military weapons. Deer hunting, scouting routines, and weapon mods are included in multiple issues of American Rifleman, and many of them provide information about the proper use of certain weapons during these situations.

What American Rifleman issues have a binder design?

American Rifleman issues that feature binder design are limited. Vintage American Rifleman magazines that were printed in 1988 and 1997 are available with a binder. The binder housing protects these magazines because it is constructed out of a thick, durable material.

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