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Nissan Versa Antennas

The antenna in your Nissan Versa can serve both functional and entertainment purposes. Your Nissan Versa can benefit from various types of antennas that receive different frequencies. No matter the year of your Nissan Versa CVT, SL, or SV, you can find an ideal antenna for your specific model.

How does an antenna work?

Antennas are parts used in Nissan vehicles that serve a variety of entertainment and functional purposes. They receive specific signals or frequencies in your Versa that have been sent from a transmitter. When it receives these signals, it uses your engines power to send them to the radio receiver in your Versa. The engine then amplifies these signals through your Versas radio.

What types of antennas can you find?

They can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs for your Nissan Versa sedan. Antennas are most generally categorized by their functions, which can include:

  • Standard/monopole: These types are what you find on most Nissan Versa vehicles. They receive AM and FM frequencies and can also be referred to as whip antennas. They are typically long, singular poles that can be flexible or not. They can also fold in like a telescope or retract and extend on an automatic track system.
  • Satellite: These types of antennas can be placed almost anywhere in your Nissan Versa, but they receive different frequencies than the standard type. The satellite version uses a non-directional antenna to pick up on stations and channels from all over the world.
  • Signal-boosters: This type of antenna works in your Nissan sedan by receiving signals from local cell phone towers to send to your phone while you drive, increasing your cell phone service.
  • Others: There are also antennas you can add in your Nissan sedan for receiving GPS locations and even local TV broadcasts.
Where should you place your Nissan Versas antenna?

The placement of the antenna on your Versa depends on the type you have. Many standard antennas are placed on the exterior of your sedans body on the hood, trunk, fender, or roof. Some models can be built into the dashboard of your vehicle; these are electronically connected to your Nissan. Satellite models are generally smaller and can be placed in a wider variety of locations on the interior and exterior of your Nissan Versa CVT, SL, or SV. It is essential that you follow each antenna types specific location instructions to take advantage of its full potential.

How can you improve your Nissans reception?

Replacing the antenna on your Nissan Versa sedan is not the only step you can take to improve the reception of your Nissan Versa antenna. It is common to experience a misfire between connections, so checking the connection between the unit and its cable to ensure there is no damage can ensure optimal reception. If after replacing your antenna your reception is still poor, your Nissan Versa may need a replacement head unit. You can also find signal boosters for your Nissan Versa that are designed to extend the range of your antenna and to pinpoint more frequencies.