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Artists' Gouache Paint Is a Necessary Tool

Artists' gouache paint is a favored painting media for many artists. This includes illustrators, traveling artists, and those who like to add extra fine detail to their work. Gouache has been around since the 18th century. Gouache’s texture allows you to quickly lay down blocks of color on the paper. It also dries fast. Therefore, it is a good option for projects with a short turnaround time.

What is the difference between gouache and watercolor?

Gouache and watercolor paints are both technically water-based paints. However, they function differently on the page. Traditional watercolors have a transparent quality that allows you to use the color of the paper as a value. For example, if you’re painting clouds on a white piece of watercolor paper, you’d just leave some of the paper unpainted. In other words, the white paper provides you with the white you need to make the clouds.

Conversely, because gouache is more opaque than transparent watercolors, more paint pigments are available. Painting the same clouds with gouache would be a different experience because you have the white you need to create the whitest parts of the clouds.

The texture of artist’s gouache paint looks and feels a bit creamy. True watercolor doesn’t. Instead, it tends to be runny and provides washes of color. The creamy texture of gouache allows you to move paint around the paper in a way that’s more similar to the way oil paint handles on the paper. While gouache is very different from oil paint in many respects, as far as texture goes, it does lean more toward oil.

What kind of brushes work with gouache paint?

Brushes made from natural hair tend to hang on to water longer. One of the ways to manage gouache is by controlling how much water goes on the brush. In other words, some artists find that using synthetic brushes allows them to have more control over the paint. As a side note, synthetic brushes are often less expensive, which allows you to buy more of the brushes that tend to take a beating, like those with small, extra fine tips.

Can I use a gouache paint set for traveling?

Artist’s gouache paint is a logical choice for the traveling artist. Creating a paint set from gouaches allows you to carry around a lightweight paint that dries quickly. This quality makes all the difference when you’re trying to create an air painting in two hours or less.

Gouache comes in a variety of colors as well. Here’s an example. Let’s say you’ve decided to take your travel palette to an antique car show. These paints come in metallic colors, like gold, allowing you to capture the paint color of a gold antique car and its silver metallic bumper.