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Audio-Technica Headphones

If you are looking for some over-ear studio headphones or earbuds, then Audio-Technica has a model to fit your needs. Founded in 1962, this Japan-based company specializes in headsets that are responsive in frequency range, performance, and style.

What types of Audio-Technica headphones are there?

Audio-Technica produces a wide range of sound monitoring headphones. These range from open-back, full-covered, and in-ear monitors to gaming headsets with built-in microphones. Here are the basic types of Audio-Technica headphones:

  • Open-back headphones: The prevalent form of monitor headphones are the open-back type. These permit sound to escape via holes in the siding of the ears, giving you a more realistic stereo sound. These are designed for private or studio use, as sound will escape into the room when in use.
  • Closed-back over-ear headphones: These are more suited for public use, as there are no holes in the material for sound to dissipate. Some models can serve as monitor headphones, letting you hear sound while working on a DJ set or producing a song.
  • Wireless headphones: Some headphone sets work through Bluetooth wireless connectivity with your music-playing device. Audio-Technica has multiple open or closed back models of listening devices that use Bluetooth, including the ATH-DSR9BT and the ATH-S700BT.
  • Studio monitors: These choices are generally over-ear and open-back. They have a flatter frequency response to aid audio technicians and sound mixers.
  • In-ear headphones: These are lightweight portable earbuds that offer flexibility, since they lack a headband of any kind. They will fit snugly in the ear as you move your head around.
What are the features of the different headphone models?

Here are some tips that can help you choose the right model of Audio-Technica headphones for you.

  • ATH-M50: These open-back monitors offer frequency response with any audio codec. The headband is adjustable for long editing and recording sessions. Included are padded earcups that rest on the ear.
  • ATH-M50x: The ATH-M50x are the same shape, size, and design as the M50, but they have the option to detach and reattach different cables. You can turn these into wireless headphones if you attach a wireless adapter.
  • ATH-W5000: Made from ebony wood, these open-back monitor headphones help detect subtle sounds.
Do any Audio-Technica headphone models have built-in volume control?

When doing certain activities, such as listening to music while exercising, it is hard to adjust the volume quickly if the device is not accessible. Audio-Technica created models such as the ATH-SPORT1iS earbuds that have a hand-adjustable volume control to give you the ability to turn down louder songs in your music playlist. Some of the closed ear models also have a volume control, such as the ATH-WS770iS. These controls are usually found on the cord for easy access. To reduce the risk of permanent hearing loss, it is important to be conscious of a safe listening volume when using headphones.

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