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Other Motorcycle Merchandise

From jackets to boots and beyond, retail products for motorcyclists and motorcycle fans can be found for use in the home, worn on the body, or for riding in safety and style. Many retailers work with brands as affiliates to provide licensed material. Unbranded third-party manufacturer’s focus on the lifestyle and culture of biker and motorcycle apparel and accessories.

What are the different types of motorcycle items?
  • Clothing: In many cases, motorcycle clothing is meant to increase a biker’s safety on the bike. Jackets, helmets, and boots function more as protective gear than stylistic choices, though several manufacturers will style their brands like the more durable pieces specific to biker-wear.
  • Memorabilia: It may be to commemorate a special annual event or something more personal for the rider or related to biker gear, but memorabilia is an important part of goods made for motorcyclists and their fans. Badges, pins, belt buckles, mugs, or even coasters are all common ways bike companies engage with their fans.
  • Accessories: This can be anything from a new pair of gloves to the latest in polarized visor shields, depending on the type of products a manufacturer focuses on when designing for motorcyclists. Wearable cameras can record riding sessions for personal preference and also protection in the case of an accident or traffic stop. For riders loyal to one brand over another, there may even be specialty license plate frames or embroidered logos available to add to their collection.
Why is leather material used for motorcycle merchandising?

Because of its sturdy exterior and the way it ages with time and use, leather has been a classic staple for motorcycle-related items. Before synthetic materials were available to increase safety and comfort while riding, many companies used leather materials for almost all of their different accessories or pieces of riding wear. Leather-made goods became so synonymous with bikers that even non-wearable items have used it as fashionable accents or to match what a motorcyclist would be wearing.

Are motorcycle items made from non-leather materials still durable?

In response to interest and demand for synthetic items to match the function and fashion of leather goods, many companies experimented with making new fabrics and materials that could stand up to the rigorous needs of performance. As manufacturers have made countless improvements on the raw materials used to make motorcycle gear heat-resistant, waterproof, and protective, non-leather alternatives have become more accessible.