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What You Need to Know About Choosing CD and Cassette Player Car Audio with Auxiliary Input

Car cassette and CD players allow you to replace the standard radio unit with an auxiliary system that plays audio tapes and compact discs. These CD and tape players may also work with additional equipment, such as a separate MP3 player for input into the AUX port. There are many functions and features for the CD and cassette player car audio with auxiliary input.

What are some of the features of these vehicle stereos?

Some of the features of the equipment fitting into the AUX port include:

  • Complete housing: The CD or cassette tape players have a metal or plastic housing that fits over the opening for the radio equipment.
  • Liquid crystal display: The equipment may have a liquid crystal display that shows the number of the track, the time elapsed, and the name of the track or media.
  • Labeled function knobs, buttons, and switches: Each of the knobs, buttons, or switches is labeled in a contrasting color so that you can see what function it performs.
  • Auto load and eject: The equipment may automatically load and eject the tape or disc when you push it into the tray slot or when it reaches the end of the last track.
What functions do the vehicle cassette and CD players perform?

These CD and cassette players perform the following functions:

  • Change track: There may be a button to change the track by advancing or going back one song at a time.
  • Scan: This allows the player to scan through each track and stop on each one until you push the play button.
  • Playing functions: The CD or tape player may be able to play, pause, stop, rewind, or fast forward through the tracks.
  • Select CD: For the changers that have two or more CD slots, there may be buttons to select which CD to play.
  • Change volume: A knob or toggle switch may allow you to increase or decrease the volume of the sound.
What is auxiliary input for a car's audio device setup?

The auxiliary port, sometimes labeled AUX on your vehicle's infotainment console, is an asynchronous serial port with an interface for audio input signals. The aux input port permits devices to send or receive sound information. The peripheral equipment, such as the CD player and cassette player combo unit, plugs into the aux input port. The interface slips into the stereo slot on your dashboard. The cables connect the pins of the CD and cassette player to the AUX port, and separate cables connect with the car's battery for power.

What is the audio device capacity of these music players?

These cassette and CD players typically accept up to one cassette at a time. For the CD player portion of the audio setup, the stereos may accept up to six CDs in the changer. The CD players may also have the capacity to play the audio from a digital video disc.