Aviation Car GPS Units

Everything You Should Know before Buying an Aviation GPS

If you are in the market for an aviation GPS, then you need a device that offers high-quality images and video content tailored at meeting your specific aerial navigational needs. On eBay, you can browse a diverse selection of aviation GPS models for sale to provide optimal value in return, but before settling on a specific model such as Garmin or otherwise, here are a few pointers that you need to consider.

What types of aviation GPS models are there?
  • Gamin Aera 560 aviation GPS with XM receiver - With this model, you can identify your source and destination with ease, courtesy of the standard screen display. The music connectivity option allows you to listen to your favorite tracks while in transit.
  • KLN90B IFR Aviation GPS - With this model, you can toggle the antenna to find ideal flying routes. Its Argus 3000 moving map allows you to connect with control tower experts for a safe takeoff and landing experience.
  • DUAL XGPS150A Universal receiver - With this model, you can browse the dual electronics feature to experience unmatched entertainment. Its USB cable allows you to transfer data at fast speeds.
  • Aviation crop dusting GPS - This model allows you to stay in touch with multiple navigational channels before dusting your crops to enhance safety and efficiency.
How do you pick the right aviation GPS?

To obtain an unmatched navigational experience, you need to install a quality GPS model. With the right GPS, you can catch up with your favorite entertainment options while scrolling through various keys on the touchscreen. Your GPS should be tolerant of various forms of weather conditions to ensure efficiency and durability.

  • Waypoint numbers - A reliable GPS should possess at least 500 waypoints (reference points to location) to guide you on the best routes to use on your trip.
  • Map configuration - Your GPS should possess sufficient maps designed to meet your specific travel needs with ease.
  • Storage options - Some GPS devices can upload and download additional maps for future reference.
  • Waterproof capabilities - With a waterproof GPS, you can use your device during wet weather conditions.
What user-friendly features does an aviation GPS offer?
  • High resolution - These GPS devices pack a 272 by 480 resolution to provide crisp images and directions.
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity - This feature allows you to transfer files and play music from your cellphone or laptop.
  • Portable - Weighing less than a pound, an aviation GPS is portable enough to carry and install with relative ease.