Revistas de Aviación

Aviation Magazine Back Issues

Many people have an interest in aviation technology, which naturally leads to many magazines on the subject coming into publication. Over the years, hundreds of different publications themed around aviation have existed. The back issues of these books hold a great amount of helpful and informative information between their covers.

What are some magazines focused on aviation?

There are numerous publications covering different areas of aviation. A few more prominent titles include the following magazines: Aviation Week, Flying (originally known as Popular Aviation and later as Aeronautics), Pilot, Aeroplane, Wings, and many more.

What was the first dedicated aviation publication ever made?

It is difficult to pin down exactly what the first aviation publication happened to be, as many older publications have been completely lost to history, while others have fuzzy dating due to poor record keeping. One of the earliest publications of this type that is known to have been released was FLYING, and it ran from 1912 to 1922. It should not be mistaken for the later book of the same name from a different publisher.

What kind of subjects do aviation magazines talk about?

Aviation books cover all manners of topics related to aviation. These can include articles on different planes and aircraft both contemporary for the times and classics, business-related articles about the airline industry or related subjects, opinion pieces by pilots and other flight crew, model plane building guides or advertisements, and even articles on how to build or work on homemade aircraft. What sort of content that appears will depend heavily on which magazine you are reading, of course.

What languages are these publications available in?

Aviation fans exist around the world, creating the need for aviation publications to be available in multiple languages. Publications can be found in languages including but not limited to the following: English, German, Greek, Portuguese, Serbo-Croatian, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin.

Did any aviation magazines include comics about aviation?

Several aviation magazines, especially older ones during the first half of the 20th century, included comics as part of their regular content. While content would obviously depend upon the book they were featured in, many of them focused on the Allied Forces fighting Nazi Germany and Japan during World War II like other publications of the day. Some of these comics even persisted beyond the books that published them, such as Blackhawk from Quality Comics which was eventually bought by DC Comics.