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Baby Shower Party Banners, Bunting and Garlands

When a new baby is about to be born or adopted, many families or friends host a baby shower. Getting ready for a baby shower involves decorating the party space with baby shower banners, bunting, garlands, and balloons. These baby shower decorations are available in gendered colors for a baby boy or a girl as well as in a variety of themes and designs.

What materials are baby shower banners and bunting made from?
  • Cotton and cotton-polyester blends: These fabric banners and buntings for a baby shower could be laundered and reused for another baby shower or hung in the baby's bedroom.
  • Plastic: Plastic banners, bunting, and garlands for a baby shower can be easy to wipe clean if they get dirty. Plastic baby shower banners are also lightweight, allowing them to be secured with tape or putty. The plastic banners for a shower may also feature ties to keep them in place.
  • Wood: Wood is often used for signs for a baby shower. This type of a decoration can be reused.
  • Foil: Foil banners and garlands are lightweight, easy to arrange, and easy to place on a banister, wall, or table. They may be recyclable after being used at a shower for a baby.
  • Paper: Paper is often used for baby shower items such as table covers, signs, banners, and bunting. It is lightweight, can be taped into place, and is recyclable after use.
What are some themes of baby shower decorations and banners?
  • Welcome by gender: The baby shower banners may have a welcome boy or girl theme. There are also baby shower banners and signs that say welcome baby for when the gender is unknown.
  • Animals: Animal themes for baby shower banners and other decorative items include whales, rabbits, puppies, ducks, and animals from fairy tales.
  • Camouflage: Camouflage featuring light pink or baby blue and shades of brown or green are available as banners, bunting, and garlands for a baby shower.
  • Shapes: Hearts, circles, arrows, flags, and diamonds are used for baby shower banners, bunting, and garlands.
How do you choose decorations for a baby shower?
  • Select a type: Choose among several types of baby shower decorations, such as a shower banner, bunting, balloons, flag, garland, cake decorations, favors, or table covers.
  • Choose a color: Choose baby shower decorations or banners of a single color such as baby blue, light pink, silver, green, yellow, purple, or white. There are also multi-color baby party decorations available.
  • Select a material: Choose what you want the baby shower banners and other decorations to be made of. There are foil, cotton, paper, plastic, wood, and polyester and cotton blended shower decorations available.