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Things to Know When Shopping For a Behringer Mixer

Behringer mixers are made in a variety of sizes to help you record or mix your band, both live and in the studio. Check out the following information about affordable Behringer mixers available on eBay to help guide your search.

What options does the Behringer mixer x32 have?

The Behring mixer x32 is one of the most advanced mixers available from the company. It has a litany of features and options, including the following:

  • 40-input channels - Even bigger bands are easy to mix because of the 40 available input channels on the board.
  • Eight bus channels - There are eight available bus channels to group instruments to apply effects and EQ.
  • Motorized faders - The motorized faders make automation possible with any digital audio workstation. They are savable.
  • iPhone and iPad control - Mix from any location in the room remotely using the iOS app available for the mixer.
  • Expansion port - The expansion port makes it possible to download audio interface drivers to make it compatible with any workstation
Are there multiple sizes of Behringer mixers available?

To suit the needs of any engineer, there are multiple sizes of live and studio mixers available on eBay. This includes the Behringer mixer 4-channel, Behringer mixer 6-channel, Behringer mixer 8-channel, and Behringer mixer 16-channel. Many of these mixers come with built-in audio effects and many of the features of the Behringer 32x. The 4- and 8-channel models are portable and great for smaller groups and bedroom recording studios.

Can users EQ each channel?

Most Behringer models have a 4-band EQ available for each channel. This allows engineers to roll off highs, cut lows, and scoop mids to help blend instruments effectively. On top of this, there are 16 built-in EQs on the effects channels that can be assigned to each bus channel that model Lexicon effects units. These EQs can be used on both the 1/4-inch and XLR inputs.

What other effects do these Behringer mixers have?

On top of the equalizers, Behringer boards offer an array of other effects in 24-bit sound. There are at least 16 effects settings that can be used on each channel on Behringer mixers. On top of the effects units, there are 4 XENYX mic preamps, each with a compression knob assignable to each track, allowing engineers to add color to their mix individually on each channel. These can all be recorded to a computer using the USB interface.

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