Black Suits & Blazers for Men

Black Suits for Men

The desire for style and confidence is the motivating factor for men to wear a black suit with an excellent fit when attending a wedding or important business meeting. Since the Industrial Revolution era, the color black has been identified as a formal color choice to signify power and sophistication. It goes well with a broad range of colored ties and shirts.

How do you wear a suit jacket?

A suit jacket can be combined with several outfits due to its versatile yet classic nature. Even when you want to wear a casual outfit, a suit jacket will instantly make it look more official. The main consideration when pairing your suit jacket with jeans is the formality of the outfits. The following guidelines will prove useful:

  • The suit jackets should match properly with sleeves sitting just above the hand. It should be slim around the arm.
  • Do up the button when wearing a single-button suit except when sitting down.
  • Always do up the top button for a two-button suit.
  • Experiment with different outfits to see which one suits you best.
  • Always ensure your suit matches well with your jeans or your pants.
  • Though you may leave out the top button of a three-button suit, always do up the middle one and never the bottom one.
What is the difference between a suit and a tuxedo?

The main physical difference between a suit and a tuxedo is the presence of satin. A tuxedo has satin facing on the pocket trim, lapels, buttoning, and a satin side stripe along the trousers leg. A suit, on the other hand, does not have any satin and often has plastic buttons. However, the decision of whether to wear a tuxedo or suit for a wedding does not depend on the physical differences. Instead, it has to do with the message that each conveys.

While wearing a black suit for your wedding can be great, other attendees can do the same, making you look like everyone else. Remember that the primary reason for dressing up for the wedding is not just to look smart, but to commemorate your marriage. Thus, a tuxedo is great for setting the day and yourself apart. In any case, the difficulty in distinguishing between the two gives you the opportunity to go for any that looks great, as long as it matches well and is consistent with the event’s style.

Though it is true that black can go with almost anything, you do not want to look awkward in public by not following specific outfit proportioning or balancing rules. As a basic rule, make your suit style simple but vary it based on the occasion. Play around with accessories like lapel pin and tie until you get what appeals to you.