Iluminación y eléctrico Barco

Boat Electrical & Lighting

Electrical lighting can be used on boats in a variety of ways. Some people use it to illuminate the deck area at night or to provide a certain kind of aesthetic appeal. Other uses for boat electrical lighting include further range of vision at night, deterrence from animals, and identification to other boats and water vessels. Any type of boat light you need can easily be found on eBay.

What are electrical lighting fixtures?

Fixtures are light attachments that can be attached to a boat to aid in vision at night. They tend to be placed in one spot on the boat and stay in place until they are removed. These fixtures often have screws so that they can be permanently attached to a boat, and they tend to be waterproof to withstand damage from the elements. When replacing a boat light be sure to check if the fixture needs to be replaced also.

What kinds of electrical lighting are available for a boat?

There are a variety of electrical boat lights available, and they all have unique qualities that make them useful in different ways. Some lights are multicolored, but most tend to be white light to aid in seeing further over the water as opposed to illuminating the deck.

  • Boat Navigation Lights: These are usually dual colored and are used to aid in seeing other boats in the distance.
  • Interior Lighting: These lights are usually white although they can be different colors. They are generally attached inside the craft to aid in interior illumination. They tend to be LED operated and are generally very bright.
  • Deck and Flood Lights: These systems tend to be a little bigger than other lights and are also LED operated. They provide a lot of power because flood lights tend to be used out on the deck to illuminate the whole area.
  • Boat Docking Lights: These lights tend to be used in a kind of headlight fashion. They have a lot of power and are LED operated. They are used when docking and sailing to illuminate the water in front of the boat.
  • Underwater Lights: These powerful lights attach close to the bottom of the boat. They are used to illuminate the water under the boat and out in front of the boat.

How do you select the right lighting for a boat?

Selecting the right lighting depends greatly on what the lighting system will be used for. There are many varieties of lighting, so it is important to decide the strength, location, and use for what you want your lighting to be.