Barco galera y cabina interior,

Boat Interior, Cabin, & Galley

Maximizing the use of your boats interior space is essential before leaving shore. Boat galleys, also known as ships kitchens on larger vessels, require specialized equipment and techniques. Proper ventilation within the interior space is critical for comfort and for safety while on the water.

How is cooking in a boat galley different?

Cooking while at sea is a far different experience from cooking on land. Given that the vessel is in motion, even when at anchor, and the limited space within typical boat galleys, there are several differences in equipment and technique with food prep at sea, including:

  • Lacking electrical appliances at sea, all tasks must be done by hand.
  • The grill or stove surface and any oven are all powered by propane gas; the small size of each of these components limits the amount of any food you can cook at the same time.
  • Movement through the water and even at anchor means all items must be restrained; the galley stove is also gimballed, allowing it to move freely on an axis with the movement of the boat.
  • Limited water supply at sea for all uses of water creates challenges in both prep and in cleaning in the galley.
What kind of refrigerator is used in a galley kitchen?

A boat refrigerator differs from a land refrigerator in several key ways:

  • The size is much smaller than a typical kitchen refrigerator, and is more comparable to a small RV refrigerator in size and storage capacity.
  • Boat refrigerators usually do not have a freezer.
  • Boat refrigerators are powered by propane, batteries, or by AC current available when docked at a marina.
Do you need an exhaust fan for your boat galley?

Since the main source of heat in any boats interior cabin space is generated by cooking, adding an exhaust fan can help to improve the overall ventilation in your boat and can help with heat and temperature regulation. Some features to consider when adding an exhaust fan include:

  • Power source - Will the exhaust fan be wired to the boats generator or will it draw on solar power?
  • Marine model - Make sure the exhaust fan is specifically manufactured to endure marine conditions.
  • Seal - Make sure the opening for the fan on the exterior of the boat can be fully sealed in the event of rough or high seas.
What upgrades improve storage and comfort in boat interiors?

There are several upgrades that improve the interior space of your boats cabin, including adding a V-berth to a corner for more sleeping areas, adding LED lighting, as well as captains beds and hidden storage under seating.