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Boat Propellers

Boat propellers play an important role in successfully and safely moving the boat. They do this using the power generated and transmitted by the boat’s main engine. Boat propellers are manufactured using stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials, because they operate directly in the corrosion accelerator water.

What is propeller pitch on a boat?

Pitch is the distance the props will move the boat in every revolution. Thus, a prop with lower pitch creates more power because of more engine revolutions per minute. A propeller with higher pitch allows the boat to move faster by traveling further with every rotation. Therefore, when choosing boat propellers, it is important to consider a pitch that will keep the engine RPM within its accepted operation range. This prevents problems such as lugging or straining.

How are boat propellers measured?

The size of a prop is determined based on the pitch and diameter. In this case, diameter refers to the distance from the blade tip to the center of the hub. Smaller diameter props match with smaller boats and engines while larger diameter ones correspond with larger boats. When there is a change in the blade number, the pitch and diameter may require slight adjustments to keep RPMs within the proper range. For most uses, three- and four-blade boat props can work interchangeably on sterndrives and outboards without much change in the performance.

What are the features of Michigan Wheel vortex aluminum propellers?

Michigan Wheel provides a broad range of propellers for nearly any type of boat. Its products are made of certified virgin ingot metals. Hence, its props are durable and have no scrap. With designs that come in various sizes, Michigan Wheel customers can find quality props. Below are some of the key features of Michigan Wheel vortex aluminum props.

  • Cupped trailing edge that extends beyond the blade tip to grab and hold water.
  • High gloss powder coat finish that protects the aluminum and reduces drag.
  • High performance blade geometry that meets Solas requirements.
  • Vortex accurately balanced blades significantly minimize vibration.
  • Optimal blade thickness broad enough to offer high durability but thin enough to maximize the performance.
  • Flared hub design to prevent exhaust from causing speed-robbing ventilation blow out.

Before choosing boat propellers, it is vital to understand your boat’s major function, loading location, average speed, and load quantity. If you are using the boat for multiple applications, you may have to change the props. This is because prop choice directly affects the engine’s RPM and its performance, whereas the operating range translates to the available highest horsepower from your outboard.