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Transport Your Vessel Confidently With the Right Boat Trailer Parts

Boat trailers are essential for moving your boat from place to place, and having a boat trailer in good mechanical order is critical for preventing breakdown along the road. Boat trailer parts can help you service and maintain your boat to keep it working properly to ensure you reach your destination without issue. Parts include tires, springs, winches, and other accessories.

How do you choose the correct winch for boat trailers?

A good rule of thumb is that the ratio between a trailer winch and the boat size should be 2 to 1. For example, if your boat weighs 2,000 pounds, your winch should be rated for 1,000 pounds. Exceptions to this rule for winching a 2,000-pound boat are:

  • Roller guides and short distance: If you have good roller guides and a short distance, you can increase the ratio to 3 to 1.
  • Wooden guides and longer distance: If you have wooden bunker guides and a longer distance, you should decrease the ratio to 1 to 1.
  • Steep incline: Winching up a steep incline would call for increasing the ratio to 3 to 1.
How do LED trailer lights differ from traditional trailer lights?

LED trailer lights run cooler than their traditional counterparts, which use a bulb. Traditional lights also use wire filaments, which can easily stretch and get weaker, causing them to be more likely to break. In addition, LED trailer lights are brighter and show up better to other drivers even in the daytime.

What kind of parts can you find on eBay?

There are a number of new, used, and pre-owned boat trailer parts on eBay. Categories include:

  • Frames: Frames are often aluminum as this is lightweight and anti-corrosive.
  • Tires, wheels and axles: These may be singular or paired, depending on the trailer.
  • Winches and hitches: These connectors will allow you to pull a boat onto the trailer and attach a boat or car, depending on where the hitch is placed.
  • Chains and cables: These can attach boats and hold them in place.
  • Slip-free coating: Traction pads allow you to safely walk on the wheel wells of the trailer.
  • Lights and wiring: These allow you to properly signal vehicles while the boat is under tow.
What is the load range for boat trailer tires?

The trailer-tire load range is indicated on the sidewall. This load range is marked from "B," which is rated for the lightest load the trailer can carry, to "E," which is the heaviest. Most trailer-tires are rated B, C, or D, and those with Load Range C can handle a load of 1,820 pounds. If two tires are on a single axle trailer, that means the two tires together can carry a weight of 3,640 pounds. Note that this weight includes the weight of the trailer itself, the boat, fuel, and anything inside the boat.