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Bodymedia Fitness Activity Trackers

BodyMedia Fitness Activity Trackers

Wearable devices by BodyMedia detect specific measurements from the wrist. Using wireless technology and applications, this data is inserted into algorithms that provide a picture of a persons health. This information can be synced with additional health apps on multiple operating systems, so read on to find out how to select the right BodyMedia fitness activity trackers for you.

Do BodyMedia armbands communicate with smartphones?

The information from sensors can be transferred to smartphones. Android, Windows, and iOS type devices are compatible with all BodyMedia systems, but only the BodyMedia Fit Link armband uses Bluetooth technology. The data from these fitness trackers is also compatible with apps like RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal as well as the online BodyMedia portal. This information can also be stored on your laptop or desktop computer through the USB port.

What are some features of the BodyMedia FIT device?

This accessory consists of an armband with sensors that pick up fitness metrics and track activity and sleep. Each armband comes with a rechargeable battery. The BodyMedia accessories provide reports with a summary of daily activity and calories burned.

Are FIT Link and FIT Core 2 different?

While both the Link and the Core 2 help people track activity levels, there are some differences between these two models. While both are armbands that have a width of just less than 2.5 inches, the Core model is much lighter. Other features that set them apart include the following:

  • Battery life: While the FIT lasts four days, the battery in the Core 2 does not have to be charged for up to two weeks.
  • Calorie tracker: Only the Core 2 has a feature that provides calorie intake monitoring.
  • Sleep tracker: The Core model measures both the duration and the quality of sleep.

What metrics do the BodyMedia fitness devices track?

These BodyMedia Fit devices measure over 5,000 different categories of biophysical metrics, including sweat, sleep, activity, and temperature. This helps provide a picture of a persons health. Some examples of this tracking include the following:

  • Calorie intake: By entering food intake into the system, BodyMedia can evaluate the total nutrients consumed over time and make recommendations for dietary changes.
  • Activity: This is measured by the accelerometer, which measures velocity and provides information about both the length and strenuousness of the activity.
  • Temperature: Using a built-in thermometer, the device can keep track of small changes that signify muscles getting warm, doing more work, and burning calories through heat loss.
  • Sweat: This is measured by a galvanic skin response receptor and also helps provide information about the intensity of exercise.

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