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Bose Home Audio CD Players

Setting Up a Home Stereo System with a CD Player

While some may think the era of the CD player has come and gone, many still want to be able to play their extensive collection of CDs on stereos that offer an outstanding quality of sound. Bose CD players use state-of-the-art technology for a pleasant listening experience and come in a variety of models to suit any space.

What Are Wave Systems?

Wave Systems are stereos that incorporate the Bose waveguide speaker technology designed to fill your room with notable sound. These compact systems can fit almost anywhere around your house while delivering a balanced and natural sound quality.

  • The Wave SoundTouch system allows you to stream songs from your favorite music services using your home wireless network, as well as play CDs and listen to AM/FM radio.
  • The system also includes Bluetooth capabilities so you can stream music from most wireless devices and stay in control using the SoundTouch app and remote control.

What Should I Look for in a CD Player?

A compact disc player comprises of two main parts—the transport mechanism that holds, spins, and reads the disc and the digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that converts the disc’s digital data into an analog audio signal. In most systems, they combine into a single housing, but you can also purchase them individually if you’re creating your own personalized CD and radio system.

  • While compact disc players are purely for playing compact discs, you can also find universal players that read Blu-ray and DVD discs, as well as play your CDs. Keep in mind that they may compromise on sound quality.
  • To play your burned CD-Rs or CD-RWs, it’s important that you buy a CD player that can handle them.
  • A solid construction is also an important factor, so look for CD players featuring rigid transports and a reinforced chassis for support. This helps to prevent vibrations that can lead to a distortion of the audio signal.

Why Is a High-Quality DAC Important?

Any device or radio that can play digital music files has a digital-to-analog converter inside, which transforms encoded ones and zeros into an analog audio signal. A high-quality digital-to-analog converter is what’s going to create that detailed and smooth sound that serious music lovers are after.

  • Low-grade DACs often result in a harsh sound, which is common in phone and laptop audio systems.
  • For greater accuracy, some CD players contain separate DACs for the left and right channels.

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