Bracketron Car GPS Holder and Mount

With the use of a GPS, getting around has become much easier. Bracketron provides GPS and mobile mounts for use in your car so that you can keep your hands on the wheel. Their in-car mounts are for spots like the dashboard or windshield, and styles like the Twist N Grab dashboard mount or the Tekgrip windshield mount are available.

What types of GPS mounts does Bracketron offer?

Bracketron designs a series of mounts that are designed to fit in different sections of your vehicle, so it is important to consider where you would like your GPS to sit when looking for these accessories.

  • Dash: A dash mount sits on the dash and can be positioned to provide a view of your GPS or smartphone at eye level.
  • Windshield: This Bracketron accessory is mounted to the inner windshield of your vehicle, typically towards the center of the window.
  • Cup holder: This mount sits in the cup holder in the center console. While it requires you to look down to see the screen, it does not obscure your vision out the windshield.
  • Other: Bracektron provides other mounts that can be placed on the floor, the vent, or the face of the dash around the control panel.
How do you install a GPS holder to your windshield?

The set up of your Bracketron windshield mounts require no extra tools. In order to install one, place the base of the mount against the desired spot on the window and push firmly. Push down the suction lever so the air is suctioned out from between the glass and suction cup. If you decide you want to move the mount later, press the button near the suction lever to release the suction.

How do you know which mount to get?

Many Bracketron holders are universal, meaning that they will fit most GPS devices and smartphones. These universal accessories have adjustable arms that can be moved and are intended to fit snugly around the body of your smartphone and other gadgets. Other Bracketron universal holders will come with magnetic adhesives that can be used on the device to attach it to the mount magnetically. If the Bracketron product is not universal, compare the dimensions of your phone or other device to the sizes compatible with the mount.

What is a Bracketron gear rack?

A Bracketron gear rack is designed to hold multiple devices such as a GPS and smartphone, providing access to all of your items. This product generally contains a long adjustable arm and mounts on the front of the dash. Other Bracketron accessories can be added to the arm to hold coins, tablets, and additional smartphones or mobile devices.

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