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C. Crane Radio

Radios use wavelengths to send information from one place to another. They can come in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes. C. Crane manufactures a wide variety of receivers for weather access, AM/FM stations, and more.

What is C. Crane?

C. Crane is a California-based company that manufactures electronics. Since its founding in 1976, C. Crane has focused mainly on specialty lighting and audio equipment. The company also manufactures radios, audio equipment, lighting, emergency supplies, antennas, and other accessories.

What types of radios does C. Crane manufacture?

A receiver uses waves to carry the sound through space. When these waves hit an electrical conductor, they produce an alternating current that extracts and transforms the waves back into their original form. They have been used as a form of communication for over a century, and the technology used in them has come a long way. C. Cranes CCRadios include a wide variety of models with many different features. These can be battery-operated or plugged into the wall. Their models include the following:

  • AM/FM: These CCRadios can be purchased as simple models, or as models with additional capabilities. While some of these are portable, others are larger. Many of the models also have features like weather info access or a clock.
  • Pocket or portable: These models are designed for easy travel and are small enough to be put in a pocket or in a bag. These can be a combination of other models or may also have other features like weather.
  • Weather or emergency: The C. Crane radio broadcasts important news and other information. These can also be AM/FM or other types.
  • Shortwave: C. Crane makes shortwave models that can be portable or have various features like climate or news.
  • Internet: These models use satellite signals to offer you satellite stations from all over the world. They use Wi-Fi to connect to these channels.
What can C. Crane receivers be used for?

The earliest receivers were mostly used for sending messages and general communications. In contemporary times, they can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They can also come in a variety of shapes and sizes from very large to pocket-sized. Portable radios usually use batteries and an antenna while others can be plugged into the wall. You can find models that are designed for providing entertainment, gathering information, or helping in emergencies.

Ham radios are considered the \"fail-safe\" of receivers since they use frequencies specifically reserved by the FCC. They can be used for important news broadcasts and messages. Shortwave models are also designed for important communication purposes, but they can send signals over thousands of miles. These are great for natural disasters, government messages, and more. AM/FM receivers still send messages, but they are also a source of entertainment. Satellite models use digitally-encoded signals to give you access to stations and channels all over the world.

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