CD Recorders

CD Recorders

CD recording technology is available in various formats from analog to digital. Many CD recorders have advanced features and built-in systems designed to enhance the stereo quality of both your playback and recording experiences. Professional CD recorders such as the Tascam line made by TEAC allow you further dubbing, recording, and sound options.

What are the benefits of a CD recorder?

Even in an age of purely digital formats, recording and playback devices for CDs are still a good choice if you need to deal with radio, vinyl, or other types of audio. Both consumer-grade and professional CD recorders can be of use depending on your needs.

The Tascam CD-RW900MKII CD recorder is a great option if you want professional-grade audio recorders to listen to music on a CD or to make your own CDs. Although Tascam is aimed at professionals in the various audio industries, you can find great success with one as an everyday consumer, too. Some features of the CD-RW900MKII include coaxial and digital optical audio input and output as well as analog support. If you need to do some recording, you have independent control for left and right channels, pitch, and jog control. You can also attach a microphone to an external audio mixer. CD playback is very reliable with this model thanks to a memory buffer.

Another TEAC offering, the CD-RW890, is an all-around good choice. This recorder also works well as a converter if you need to copy or record from one audio type to another, such as CD to cassette, cassette to vinyl, or vice versa. You can connect a microphone for live audio recorder options and you have access to digital and analog input and output.

How do you choose a CD recorder?

Choosing the right CD recorder device for your needs will depend on the primary features you want. All CD recorders have the capability to play CD-R discs or to record and play CD-RW discs, but you may have other needs as well.

  • If you have a collection of vinyl records, you may wish to invest in a recorder that is also a converter, such as the Sony CDR-W66 professional optical conversion kit. This will allow you to store your records in another type, such as cassette or audio, for easier listening on a tape or CD player.
  • Other players, such as the TEAC CD-RW901, will have built-in computer interfaces and extra features, such as remote control functionality.
  • You may wish to mount and play your vinyl records, and some recorders come with this option, especially those designed to help you convert your audio into other formats.
  • There are recorders that have built-in USB ports to allow you to put songs on CD-R or CD-RW compact discs for use in your favorite portable CD player.
  • Some systems have two CD players in one stereo, allowing you to make copies of your CD-R discs without needing to connect an external hard drive or other storage devices.