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A Quick Shopping Guide to CHANEL Backpack Style Handbags for Women

Since 1929, the House of CHANEL has produced women’s handbags. While it began with the hand-carried clutches and purses, in 1955 Coco Chanel introduced the shoulder bag, dubbed 2.55 and brought comfort and convenience into her designs. In the late 20th century, the design house introduced backpacks into its line, and you can find plenty of new CHANEL backpack style handbags for women on eBay.

Types of CHANEL women's backpack style handbags

The following are some of the types of backpack style handbags you can find on eBay:

  • Bookbag/overnight backpacks: These backpacks for everyday use accommodate school books, work materials, and gym clothes. They work well for those who commute. They typically measure at least 9 inches by 14 inches with a depth of 3–4 inches and have two thick, reinforced shoulder straps. This includes carry-on backpacks and smaller overnight backpacks designed specifically to fit underneath an airplane seat. Their height does not typically exceed 22 inches. This type of bag usually has one or two interior compartments and several small pockets for organizing travel items.
  • Daypacks: Daypacks use the same basic design as an overnight backpack but in a slightly smaller design with a grab handle at the top. They often feature a small front zippered compartment for storing a wallet or pencil case.
  • Rucksacks: A rucksack features a flap covering the main compartment, which may be secured using a drawstring mechanism or magnetic snap. The flap may be secured via a buckle or magnetic closure. Typically, these bags are made of canvas.
  • Anti-theft design: Anti-theft backpacks feature a hidden zipper design that makes them appear seamless. Some use cut-proof or cut-resistant fabric, too.
  • Laptop backpack: A laptop backpack follows the standard design of an overnight backpack but features an inner sleeve for a laptop. The sleeve may be external, internal or removable.
  • Duffel backpacks: A duffel backpack resembles a standard duffel bag but features shoulder straps so you can tote it on your back. These are typically larger than overnight backpacks and are sometimes used as gym bags.
  • Tote backpacks: A tote backpack uses the classic tote bag design of a top-loading large bag with zipper closure. It may have pockets inside or out. It features two top-carry handles and two thin backpack style shoulder straps.
  • Mini backpacks: A mini backpack uses the design of an overnight backpack in a much smaller bag. Typically 5–8 inches in height, they accommodate a wallet, cellphone, and a few small items, such as a makeup compact and lipstick. They sometimes are used to replace a purse.
What colors and print styles do these CHANEL backpacks come in?

You can find CHANEL backpack style handbags for women with iconic logo markings or in solid colors without markings. Typical colors for the brand include neutral colors like black, white, cream, and navy blue. Newer designs use purples, reds, and deep blues. You can also find its Deauville and New York-Paris Street Style lines on eBay.

What materials does CHANEL use to produce these bags?

The designer uses leather and lambskin for most of its backpacks. In some of its graphic prints, it uses canvas and nylon. The design house uses brass hardware.

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