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Callaway Golf Balls

Most golfers are first introduced to Callaway golf balls because people from beginners to pros on tour use this brand's golf balls on the green.

What is a soft Callaway golf ball?

Callaway makes a soft golf ball. It isn't often used during a game, as it is designed to be used by beginners. The company makes soft balls with a solid piece of Surlyn, and then dimples are molded into the exterior of the ball. Overall, the soft golf ball is designed to be durable and inexpensive. However, the softness of this ball typically will not go long distances when hit because it has a lower compression that typical golf balls.

Do soft golf balls spin less than traditional golf balls?

Golfers believe a soft golf ball spins less than firmer golf balls. What this means is a soft-feel golf ball will travel longer and straighter than a firmer golf ball. It also means there will be less back and sideward spin. However, golfers also usually have less control over this type of ball.

How many types of golf balls does Callaway make?

Callaway offers a variety of golf balls for different situations. The multiple different categories include:

  • Women's: The Supersoft golfball is Callaway's ball that is intended to be suited for women golfers.
  • Supersoft: Made with Premium Hex Aerodynamics, these golf balls have a soft cover and are Callaway's lowest compression ball.
  • Chrome Soft: These balls utilize the Graphene Dual Soft Fast Core technology and have the softest design Callaway offers. They are made to have the best forgiveness and straightest flight.
  • Superhot: These balls are designed to go an extended distance, and are intended to have great control and short game spin.
  • Warbird: Callaway specifically designed these balls for distance, with a two-piece design and a high-energy core.
What Callaway ball will help increase distance?

Callaway Chrome soft-feel golf balls are designed to help promote longer distances and more control on the green. Callaway balls have a four-piece construction that is designed specifically for performance purposes. The Dual SoftFast Core is also intended to improve speeds and spin rates in order to maximize performance.

Are all Callaway golf balls white with black lettering?

Traditionally, most balls are white. However, Callaway also offers this product in neon green, yellow, and orange. Balls can be purchased in white, green, yellow, or orange, or as a variety pack. Additionally, for the month of October, Callaway offers pink golf balls in order to support breast cancer awareness.

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