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Create Film Projects with Canon Super 8 Vintage Movie Cameras

Vintage Super 8 cameras are still much loved by hobbyists and filmmakers for their ability to lend film a vintage look to their projects. Super 8 cameras are still available from brands, like Canon, for those who wish to utilize the style of Super 8 for their films and presentations. Used for style and other techniques like standard stop-motion, cell animation, and speed effects that can't be accomplished with a digital format, Canon Super 8 vintage movie cameras can be a functional addition to a filmmaker's toolbox.

What Canon Super 8 vintage cameras are available?

There's a wide selection of cameras that are reflex, non-reflex, and zoom reflex. Reflex cameras permit the user to see the image through the lens or precisely the image being captured. Viewfinder cameras show an image that can be a good deal different from what will ultimately be captured. Many of the cameras offer auto zoom and many come with peripherals like cases, tripods, and more.

What's the difference between 8mm and Super 8?

Standard 8mm film has bigger holes than Super 8 that are almost square in shape at the film's edge. The holes at the edge of Super 8 film are narrow and elongated for an almost oval shape. The center of the film spool for standard 8mm is smaller than that of Super 8.

How do you clean vintage cameras?
  • Getting ready: Gather your supplies and clear and clean a work area. Make sure your area is clean and dry with adequate lighting.
  • Inspect: Look over the camera to see what your problem areas are before you get started. Check for loose parts and remove any lenses on interchangeable lens cameras.
  • Film compartment: Open up the film compartment while holding the camera upside down with the compartment door facing downward. Using canned compressed air, blow dust, dirt, and particles out as much as you can. Use your compressed air on the surface to clear away dirt and dust.
  • Cleaning: Using a thin layer of cotton pulled from a cotton pad or ball, roll it onto one end of a toothpick. Soak this end in Isopropryl cleaning alcohol until damp. With this end, clean away any dirt, grime, or tarnishing on the camera. The alcohol will dry without traces. For stubborn areas, use a standard pencil eraser and rub gently. Make sure not to leave any eraser crumbs.
  • Ground glass: Inside the camera, most SLRs from times before have a ground glass and dust must be cleared from it. Tweezers should help you lift the latch easily. Using the same toothpick technique, clean the ground glass and remove any fibers left behind.
  • Prism: If your camera has a prism and it can be removed, use a screwdriver to do so and clean all surfaces.
  • Finishing up: Using the toothpick method, clean up the mirror (SLRs only) and the viewfinder. If your camera has a battery chamber, ensure no batteries are in it, and look for any corrosion. Clean it out and allow it to fully dry before putting in new batteries.
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