Car Audio en el tablero de CD y reproductores de cassette con control remoto

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How to Select a Car CD and Cassette Player With Remote Control

Many automobile sound systems combine high-quality performance with advanced driver safety features like remote controls that are designed to cut down on the incidence of distracted driving. In addition to car cassette and CD players, audio components designed for motor vehicles include in-dash CD/radio devices, MP3 receivers, stereo speakers, and multimedia-enhanced navigation units.

Which companies manufacture cassette and CD players for cars?

Some of the companies that manufacture cassette and CD players for cars include:

  • Pioneer
  • Kenwood
  • Alpine
  • JVC
  • Sony
  • Bose
  • Clarion
What are the features of in-dash audio devices?

Some of the features of in-dash audio devices such as cassette and CD players are:

  • Remote controls: Remote control devices allow you to control your vehicle’s audio system with the push of a single button. By programming your remote to switch on your favorite playlists and radio stations, you can decrease the risk of distracted driving.
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth functionality will permit your car’s sound system to play the music from your smartphone or other compatible devices.
  • Touchscreen functionality: A touchscreen stereo system in your car makes finding a favorite tune on your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or similar device much simpler. Most touchscreens are large displays, so you’ll be able to view all your menu options without having to take your eyes off the road for more than a few seconds.
  • Auxiliary inputs: If your car’s CD and cassette player isn’t Bluetooth-enabled, you may still be able to play music, audiobooks, and podcasts by plugging your auxiliary input equipment into your smartphone.
  • USB outputs: USB outputs allow you to amplify the music streaming from your CD player to speakers in other parts of your motor vehicle. Some systems also offer USB inputs, which will allow you to listen to music that’s stored on a flash drive.
  • Steering wheel controls: Steering wheels can be fitted with adapters that allow you to control the music in your vehicle without ever having to lift your hands off the wheel.
How do you choose the right CD and cassette player?

The most important factor when looking for truck or car CD and cassette player with remote control is the device's features. Consider the various functionalities that your current audio system has and that you wish it had. If you primarily listen to playlists saved to your smartphone or portable music player, then you will want to look at systems that are either Bluetooth-enabled or that allows you to plug in your portable music system through an auxiliary input. If you decide to go with a Bluetooth-enabled system, make sure that system is capable of audio streaming; some Bluetooth-enabled sound systems are only customized for hands-free phone calls.

If you plan to play CDs on your system, your system’s signal-to-noise ratio is an important consideration. The higher this ratio is in decibels, the more clearly your CDs will sound. Your new sound system needs to fit well in your dashboard. Different vehicle makes and models have different-sized dashes, so make sure the system you purchase will fit your dash.