Car Audio Power & Speaker Wire

Car Audio Power and Speaker Wire to Help You Shake the Block

If you want to make sure that the speakers and subwoofer in your car get enough power to shake the ground, you might want to invest in some of the speaker wire in this collection. Its easy to find all of the car speaker accessories you need on eBay, and here is what you need to know as you select the right cables for your purposes.

Where might you need to connect speaker cable?

The speaker cables in this collection are designed to connect speakers and subwoofers to the audio system within your vehicle. To provide your speakers with the power they need to produce sound, youll need to connect both positive and negative wires from your cars audio system to your speakers. Cars have built-in amplifiers that route sound from the stereo to the speakers, but you may also need to connect speaker cable to a second amplifier for your subwoofer. Since the speakers in your vehicle are stationed at varying areas throughout your car, you might need a variety of different lengths of wire to complete the job of getting your new audio system hooked up.

What gauges of speaker wire are there?

When it comes to speaker wire, gauge refers to the diameter of the wire. The greater the diameter of a speaker cable, the more electrical energy it will be able to carry. However, its important to remember that higher-gauge wires are actually thinner, which means that youll need to go with low-gauge wires if you want to carry a lot of electricity through your car to the subwoofer in your trunk. Here are some examples of gauges of speaker cable you can find in the collection on eBay:

  • 1/0 gauge
  • 4 gauge
  • 8 gauge
  • 12 gauge
  • 14 gauge
  • 16 gauge
How do you pick the right speaker cable?

In some cases, only a certain type of wire is compatible with the speakers that you want to connect. When you search through your options on eBay, the compatible wire type will be listed on the speaker itself or in the users manual in this instance, but youll also need to make sure that the speaker wire you use is compatible with your cars amplifier. For instance, larger speaker wire may not fit into the connectors in your amplifier, and it may be necessary to use a smaller wire gauge than you were originally intending.