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Belts, Pulleys, and Brackets for Subaru

Belts, pulleys, and brackets are crucial to the performance of your Subaru engine as they power many essential vehicle systems, including the wheels and the engine valves. A replacement part streamlines the repair process and gets your Subaru back on the road quickly. With a huge selection, finding the right product is a breeze, whether you need new V-belts for a Forester or timing belts for an Outback.

What is a crank pulley?

A crank, or crankshaft pulley, powers different parts of the crankshaft. When you run your Subaru’s engine, it rotates the crank pulley, which moves the serpentine belt and transfers power to other parts of the car. Any damage to this unit can impact your car’s ability to move forward and backward. Many Subaru crank units are engineered in a two-piece design. For a replacement, you can choose a similar OEM model or a lightened aftermarket version. At a minimum, the pulley should have a groove for the belt.

What are timing belts?

Timing belts control the movement of your Subaru’s camshaft and crankshaft. They also ensure that the engine cylinders open and close at the correct time. This manages the flow of air and gas so the engine can fire properly and activate the pistons. Most importantly, timing belts synchronize all of these actions, ensuring that the engine operates efficiently. Most timing belts are situated in the front part of the engine and protected by a timing belt cover, depending on your Subaru model.

What is a V-belt pulley?

A V-belt pulley sends motion from one Subaru axle to the other. Instead of a flat groove, the V-belt pulley uses a V-shaped groove where the top is wider than the bottom. These grooves are designed to fit similarly shaped V-belts. The shape helps to provide greater traction, greater speed, and a longer lifetime. This means that your Subaru can run longer before you need to replace V-belt pulleys or V-belts.

What is a belt tensioner?

A belt tensioner ensures that the various belts in your Subaru engine are tight enough to rotate each component. It prevents excess slack and ensures that the V-belts and timing belts sit snugly in their grooves. The tensioner usually consists of a base, a tensioner arm, a spring, and a pulley.

What are brackets?

Brackets support the components of your Subaru’s engine. Tensioner brackets mount the tensioner unit to the interior of your vehicle, holding it in place. Radiator brackets help you mount the radiator to the frame of the car while bumper brackets mount the bumper to the frame. Most styles include predrilled holes to accommodate mounting screws. Most brackets are made from metal and are carefully engineered to fit into a specific space. As such, it’s crucial to find an option that matches your Subaru model, trim, and engine exactly.

How can you choose replacement V-belts, pulleys, and brackets?

Since these components play a big role in your engine operation, choose the correct part for your Subaru model. Use these steps to locate a compatible replacement:

  • Enter the year and model of your Subaru to refine your search.
  • Choose a part, such as V-belts, V-belt pulleys, timing belts, mounting brackets, and more are available.
  • Select a style, such as OEM, aftermarket, or lightweight.
  • Check the product specs to verify their compatibility with your Subaru.