Which iPhone 7 Plus Cases, Covers or Skins Could You Buy

Most buyers prefer unbranded, cheap iPhone 7 plus cases since there are so many different types, styles, and designs. Additionally, the cases can be gender-specific with iPhone 7 plus cases for girls only available for sale. Similarly, there are eBay phone cases iPhone 7 plus for guys as well, and there are also gender-neutral iPhone 7 plus cases. So branded, unbranded, and iPhone 7 plus cases cheap are available to suit your individual moods, feelings, fashion statements, or even functionality.

What are the major types of iPhone 7 plus cases, cover, and skins available?

Although cheap iPhone 7 plus cases are made of silicon, they are the most popular cases available in a wide range of styles, designs, and functionality. The next most popular cases are leather cases for that premium, expensive look. Another popular case is the battery case that mostly offers the functionality of battery protection as well as iPhone 7 plus case protection. And yet another popular iPhone 7 plus case is the stand case, which allows video viewers to watch without neck or hand fatigue. Finally, for the outdoors iPhone 7 plus user, the solar charging case provides the independence required when away from charging outlets.

Differences between iPhone 7 plus cases, cover, and skins

Your purpose for purchasing your iPhone 7 plus cases will determine which of the cases, covers, and skins you select. For style and self-expression, you should get a skin. For functionality and style, you should get a case. For heavy-duty protection, you should get a cover. Their differences are listed below:

  • Cases are protective barriers and encasement that protect the iPhone 7 Plus from accidental drops, bumps. and mishaps. They can be waterproof, shockproof, and water-resistant. Cases can be made from a variety of materials ranging from acrylic and plastic to leather and metal.
  • Skins are decals or stickers that are lighter, thinner, and usually made from plastic or vinyl. So they are cheaper and easily replaced. iPhone skins are designed to protect the iPhone from scratches while keeping the shape and design of the iPhone intact.
  • Covers are thick cases designed for heavy-duty protection instead of the regular or normal eBay iPhone cases iPhone 7 plus and also come in several popular brands. These include:
    • Ottherbox
    • Lifeproof
    • Urban Armor
    • RhinoShield and many others
Finding good deals on eBay iPhone cases iPhone 7 plus

Since deals for iPhone 7 Plus phone cases often involve buying in bulk or several cases at once, you should aim for the multiple case offerings. Buying two or more cases will reduce the cost and provide discounts for your iPhone 7 plus cases eBay. As a result, you will be able to save and receive different colors or styles at the same time.

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