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Casio Stainless Steel Watch Bands

Over time, a watch becomes part of your day and your routine, and something you count on to help you plan your day and tell the time. When a watch band breaks, it's unfortunate, but the good news is, it's a cinch to find a replacement for any type of Casio watch face. While stainless steel watch bands are perhaps the most common, there are several different steel blend options as well as other materials you can use as a replacement.

How Do I Size a New Watch Band?

This is probably the most important question to ask yourself before purchasing a new watch band, as of course, you want that same level of comfort you had before. There are a few steps to walk through to find your perfect size:

  • Millimeters: Watch bands and straps are typically measured by millimeter, so make sure you have a ruler that suffices.
  • Lugs: These are the \"claws\" on the end of your watch face that holds the strap in place. Measure between these two spaces first.
  • Convert: Once you've measured that distance in centimeters, convert to millimeters.
  • Adjustable: Remember, watch bands are adjustable at the clasp. The only measurement you need is the one between the lugs.

What Are My Specific Casio Watch Band Options?

Casio stainless steel bands are made for both Casio men and women's watches. In addition to having plain stainless steel bands, there are more options to choose from:

  • Rubber: While the clasps and hardware will still have a stainless steel construct, a replacement Casio rubber watch band offers a different type of feel.
  • Blends: Look for blends that include both titanium and stainless steel for an elegant look.
  • Resin bands: These types of bands are also very resilient, and are useful replacement bands, particularly if you're tough on your timepieces.

What Are Some Other Features to Consider?

While you may simply want a replacement band, consider a few more features as you make your choice.

  • Color: A nice pop of color, or a muted tone if that is your preference, is always a good choice. Opt for a black rubber watch band or black resin for everyday wear, or choose a watch strap that's vibrant, like blue or red.
  • Originality: If you want an original Casio band and no replacement will suffice, Casio has many original bands available so that your watch will look the same it did the day you bought it.
  • Needle-Nosed or Not: Many watch straps include needle-nosed pins, but many do not. You may want to opt for a strap that uses a buckle over pins.