Sound Adapters That Process Music Through Cell Phone Accessories for HTC

Audio cable plugs are designed for phones that lack the proper ports for jacks. These pieces are manufactured in a variety of colors, and many pieces have design schemes that match the housing on a typical phone case. Because there are traditional and mobile audio options for stereo hardware, you can use your phone with audio accessories in residential locations and in a vehicle.

What are the compatible phone options?
  • HTC One M8: HTC One M8 adapters can process music quietly when you don't want to let sounds blast through the HTC One's BoomSound speakers. Because HTC One M8 devices have BoomSound technology that can be used with different headphone modes, you can experience the same effects while using an adapter plug.
  • HTC One M9: An adapter for an HTC One M9 can help you isolate sounds through headphones in heavily populated areas. HTC One M9 cell phones have stereo speakers with an amp, and a proper audio accessory can distribute the sounds from this hardware to a pair of compact headphones.
  • Samsung Galaxy: Many phones in the Samsung Galaxy product line have upgraded housing schemes that don't have traditional ports for a 35mm jack. Adapter products from HTC are practical solutions because they can be used with many series products by the Samsung brand.
What are the audio adapter product designs and length options?

Anker is one of the brands that make audio plug pieces for cell phones without practical ports for headphones. This brand and other manufacturers make traditional pieces and male-to-male options for general phone hardware and for the stereo equipment in a vehicle. Male-to-male accessories include two jacks with a silver-plated or gold-plated housing, and traditional adapters have one port for a jack and one mechanism that secures in a docking spot on a phone housing.

The shortest cables are 1 to 4 feet long, and mid-range pieces are 5 to 9 feet. Many of the longest cable accessories have a 10 to 14-foot housing.

How does a connector attach to audio accessories?

All auxiliary cords with a connector for stereo accessories have a chamber that's etched with layers of metal. The grooves on the metal are designed so that they can grip a headphone jack, and a jack will stay secured after it's docked until it's tugged. Since a typical accessory has a port that has standard measurements, you can use one adapter with portable earbuds. In order to use large audio accessories, you'll need an extension piece that connects a bulky jack to an average mobile plug.