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Cell phone headsets allow for hands-free conversation while you engage in other tasks. For drivers on the road, these units offer the ability to communicate safely behind the wheel. Bluetooth headsets offer freedom of movement for runners, dog walkers, and other outdoors enthusiasts. Browse our full selection of cell phone headsets and find the one that meets your needs.

What features in Bluetooth headsets are good for drivers?

Staying focused on the road and changing weather and traffic conditions requires focus, concentration, and both hands on the wheel of your vehicle. Bluetooth wireless headphones are excellent devices for drivers because they allow for comfortable, hands-free communication via cell phone. Overall sound quality, battery life, and additional available accessories should be considered when selecting a headset. Some features for drivers to consider include:

  • Bluetooth and wireless capabilities: These allow for greater range of movement behind the wheel and no worries about the wire coming loose from the jack while driving.
  • Noise-cancellation: With wind and engine sounds, choosing a noise-cancelling headset will help with focusing on and hearing your phone conversations on the road.
  • Durability and comfort: If you are looking for a headset with the hope that it will last for a long time, be sure to investigate the overall durability as well as how comfortable it feels while wearing it for long periods of time.
  • Talk time between charging: Many higher-end Bluetooth headsets offer up to 12 hours of talk time./li>

Which cell phone headsets work when exercising or running?

The demands of running and exercising on headphones and earbuds make several key features important to consider. Earbuds and headphones used while exercising are exposed to water in the form of sweat and precipitation, such as rain, so choosing ones that are water-resistant makes sense. Ergonomics and comfort are also an important feature to consider. Many cellphone headsets offer rubberized surfaces on the earpieces to decrease chafing. The cable length between wired earbuds should also be long enough to prevent the ear pieces from jerking free when you move. Bluetooth headsets offer cable-free listening. The charging life of the Bluetooth unit should be long enough to last for several hours of listening and talking. Some models of headsets that meet these criteria include:

  • Apple AirPods
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds
  • Plantronics BackBeat Fit
  • JBL Reflect Mini BT
  • 808 Audio Ear Canz
  • Bose Sound Sport
  • Jabra Elite Sport Wireless

Do Bluetooth headsets block environmental noise?

Yes, you can find noise-cancelling Bluetooth headsets that allow you to fully focus on your music or phone conversation when youre in a noisy environment, such as at outdoor venues like sporting events, within loud work environments, or while you're driving on the open road.

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