A good USB cable is one of the most important accessories you can buy for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Whether youre connecting your Galaxy Note 4 to your computer or just looking for the fastest way to charge your battery, its important to find the right USB cable.

What is a USB cable?

USB or universal serial bus cables have two primary uses: a) connecting computers to peripheral electronics like phones, cameras, and printers and b) connecting mobile devices like your Galaxy Note 4 to power sources for charging. USB cables offer several advantages over other cable types, including:

  • Speed: USB cables can reach transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps while serial cables operate at only 20Kbps.
  • Convenience: Since these cables are hot pluggable, you can connect or disconnect them from a computer while they are still running without worrying about the computer freezing.
  • Versatility: USB cables are capable of carrying power as well as data, allowing them to be used for both power charging and information transfers.
  • Universal standards: Manufacturers follow a set of universal standards for these cables, which makes them easy to use on multiple products.
Is a charging cable the same thing as a data cable?

Some USB cables are charge-only cables and will not allow you to sync your data from your phone to your computer or tablet. These charge-only cable types will supply power to your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but they will charge it much more slowly than a standard USB data cable. The data cable can provide both charging and data sync capabilities for your Galaxy Note 4.

What is the difference between cable charging and magnetic charging?

Magnetic charging allows you to charge your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 wirelessly without plugging it into an outlet. While magnetic charging may be more convenient in some cases, the downside is slower charging speeds, higher risks of overheating, and potential damage to your battery. The Galaxy Note 4 requires additional accessories to enable wireless charging.

How do you pick a cable for Galaxy Note 4?
  • Length: Cables can range in length from a few inches to several feet. The USB specifications limit cable length to 5 meters, or approximately 16 feet and 5 inches, for full-speed devices and 3 meters, or approximately 9 feet and 10 inches, for low-speed devices.
  • Connector type: There are six different types of USB cable connectors. Be sure to check your Galaxy Note 4 to determine exactly which connector type you need as they can change based on model year.
  • Style: Originally, these cables only came in black or white, but you can now find them in a wide range of colors. You can also find a cable style that matches your personal tastes, including flat cables, round cords, braided covers, or even light-up LED cables.
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