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About Christian Louboutin Heels

No other shoe is as synonymous with sex appeal than the Christian Louboutin heel. The French cobbler, known for his signature red sole, has turned out many a red carpet masterpiece. His classic pumps in black and nude have been anointed super star status by legions of footwear fans, but the line's strappy sandals, platforms and pumps aren't just for A-listers and celebrities. From down-to-earth everyday pumps to spotlight-stealing styles with buckles and crisscrossing straps, there's a reason they've become some of the most covetable heels in the world.
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Christian Louboutin Women's Heels

Christian Louboutin Heels for Women

Christian Louboutin is a French designer who started his luxury retail brand when he opened a Paris shoe salon in 1991. Known for its signature red-soled shoes, the brand is best known for stiletto heels but also offers a variety of other footwear. Here are some things to consider before making your selection of Christian Louboutin shoes for women.

What styles of womens shoes does Christian Louboutin offer?

The Christian Louboutin collection offers a wide variety of heels, including sandals, pumps, and boots. They are available in many styles and heel heights. Some of these shoes are offered in one solid color and others, like the Escarpic pump and the Royal Strass boot, feature a solid color decorated with shiny, clear jewels. The New Very Prive and the Private Number are peek-a-boo heels with open toes.

What materials are Christian Louboutins heels made from?

Christian Louboutins heels are made from leather, and some of them are available in finishes like patent or suede. The qualities of various types of leather shoes include:

  • Visual appeal: Patent leather has a sleek, shiny look that is suitable for formal occasions. Suede is soft to the touch and can add a different texture to your shoe wardrobe.
  • Durability: Patent leather features a coating that makes it shiny and also more durable and resilient to everyday wear.
  • Water resistance: Leather shoes can help protect your feet from the elements. Rainwater and stray splashes will slide off the surface of patent leather shoes due to their glossy, coated surface.
  • Easy maintenance: Suede shoes can usually be cleaned by simply using a brush to gently buff the surface.

What pump styles does Christian Louboutin offer?

Christian Louboutin makes pumps in many styles. Some designs have a floral pattern, while others have accents such as spikes, pom-poms, or bows like the ones on the Madame Menodo heels. There are lace-up styles as well as shoes that feature an ankle strap and buckle closure for more support. The Christian Louboutin collection offers heels of various heights that are suitable for a range of occasions and lifestyles.

What colors do Christian Louboutin shoes come in?

One thing all of the brands pumps have in common is their signature red-lacquered outsoles, a design feature Louboutin introduced in 1992 and trademarked in 2008.

Classic colors such as nude and black are staples in Christian Louboutins collections. These pumps can be found in casual, business-casual, and formal styles. Other available colors include turquoise, beige, gray, and red.

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