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Enhance Your Car's Audio with a Clarion CD Player

Clarion is a Japanese manufacturer that has been producing car audio systems and radio equipment for decades. If you need to install a CD player in your car or replace the one currently in your vehicle, the company offers several models that may work with your car stereo system. You may be able to narrow your search for a player by learning some of the features and sizes of available products.

What car audio sizes are available?

Players for your car might be available according to different sizing standards. If you are not sure what size is right for your car, it may be a good idea to learn some of the common standards. Knowing about these standards might help you choose the right size you need the first time. Many audio players for cars use the DIN standard of measurement. See the manufacturer site for details on the specific models you find. This standard was developed with the intention of making it easy for you to replace your current stereo or CD player. Some common sizes you might find for these products include:

  • 1-DIN: A CD player that has measurements of 1 DIN will fit in a stereo space that is 2 inches in height.
  • 2-DIN: A player that is designed to fit in a space that is 4 inches in height is known as 2-DIN.
What car stereo features can you choose?

The features you receive with your player will vary according to the specific model you choose. However, some common features you might find during your search include:

  • Remote: Some products may feature a remote control accessory. You may be able to use this device to turn the player on and off or switch to another track on the CD.
  • Detachable face: You may wish to purchase a stereo with a detachable front plate. This feature allows you to take the control unit with you when you leave your car.
  • Steering control: A player with steering control might be useful to you if you would like to access various options from your steering wheel without needing to reach for the player's face.
  • Satellite radio: If your unit has an appropriate receiver, it may be able to pick up satellite radio broadcasts.
How do you install a car stereo?

The precise instructions for installing a new CD player can vary according to the model you choose and the vehicle you own. However, the steps below may provide you with a basic outline of the process:

  • Remove: Remove the old car stereo from your vehicle.
  • Connect: Connect the appropriate wires together. Each of the wires in your new system will usually correspond to receiver wires in your vehicle.
  • Power: Power the device using a switched or constant connection depending on your preferences. A constant connection will save your CD preferences if the device is inactive.
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