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Coclico Shoes for Women

Coclico women's shoes are made from a variety of different materials. Leather is one of the most common elements utilized, and it requires particular care. Several different styles of this brand of shoes are available to appeal to a variety of different aesthetic tastes.

What kinds of materials are used in making Coclico footwear?

Coclico materials are sourced locally near the factory in Spain whenever possible for crafting suede and leather footwear for women. Repurposed materials like organic linens, natural woods, recycled foam and cork, and nickel-free/lead-free hardware are used in every pair. Linens and other fabrics typically comprise uppers while woods, foam, and cork contribute to soles. Metallic elements serve as embellishments, fasteners, or both.

How do you care for the leather on Coclico shoes?

Caring for Coclico shoes appropriately can lessen the chances of harsh wear and tear, depending on use. Follow these tips for most effective results:

  • Keep the leather portion of your shoes as dry and clean as possible. A soft brush is ideal for everyday cleaning. Use a special brush for suede surfaces.
  • Protect your leather shoes against wetness with a non-alkaline solution.
  • Know which type of leather (nappas, nubuck, Suede, Vachetta) the shoes are created with because each requires specific care methods. Only use products made for the leather you are maintaining.
  • Apply treatment on an inconspicuous area to test for any reaction to the leather.
  • Leave your leather shoes to dry naturally. Do not attempt to place them near heat.
  • Store your shoes away from direct light in a dry, cool place.
  • Be sure to take care of the soles. Most Coclico shoes are made with leather soles. Consider adding a protective rubber sole to enhance protection from moisture. The protective sole can be replaced as often as necessary while the leather sole remains intact.
What styles of shoes does Coclico make?

Shoemakers and designers craft multiple styles for Coclico shoes. They include an array of sandals, platforms, ankle boots, booties, and flats. Sandals feature all sorts of open-toed designs that use straps of various widths to secure the foot. Some styles utilize an ankle strap whereas others do not. Platforms involve a flat, thick sole to elevate the wearer off the ground several inches. Ankle boots and booties feature different heel and upper heights with some stopping at the ankle and others continuing up the calf. Flats are also available in different silhouettes, including different toe shapes. Most styles are available in different colors and textures.

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