Consumer Reports Magazine Back Issues

Consumer Reports is a magazine that has been around since 1936. Each month, a new issue is released, covering reviews on a variety of different products. When you missed an article or want to do research on a particular product, consumer reports magazine back issues can be found.

What does Consumer Reports offer?

Consumer Reports offers impartial reviews of products. Over 7,000 products have been rated within their labs. Additionally, the testing is done independently. The reviews are then published in a variety of different formats and issue types. They have become experts that many people look toward to find products that are fair, safe, and healthy in the marketplace.

What are some of the different subjects?

When you want to find back issues of Consumer Reports, it's important to look at the subjects covered within the specific date. A subscriber will have access to an array of topics, ranging from appliances to vehicles. Knowing the subject you want to learn about will make it easier to find the right Consumer Reports.

  • Automobile
  • Business & Economics
  • Celebrity
  • Home and Garden
  • Men's Interest
  • Women's Interest
  • News
What are the published years?

The publication years begin in 1936. When searching for back dates of Consumer Reports, it's a good idea to narrow down to the decade. From there, you will be able to determine the year and month of the specific one that you want. You may also want to obtain multiple copies, such as all from a specific year.

How do you look for back issues?

When you want to obtain ratings on appliances, vehicles, or anything else, the publication will give you the report you need to learn more about the product you are interested in whether it's a dishwasher, a car, or something else. Knowing how to get the right date for the article will involve doing a little research.

  • Topic: Know the topic you want to learn about to see if it's in a particular dated magazine.
  • Date: Identify the date or dates that you wish to obtain for research.
  • Multiple dates: Decide whether you are looking for a single date or multiple ones.
  • Cover: Look at the cover for the date you're interested in to review all of the different products covered.
What issue types does Consumer Reports publish?

Consumer Reports publishes multiple types of issues including weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, annual, and special issues.

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