Personajes de Disney y prendedores, parches y botones de películas (1968-presente)

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Contemporary Disney Character & Movie Pins, Patches & Buttons (1968-Now)

For many, the name Disney, along with its memorabilia, calls to mind happy memories and events worth remembering. Disney pins, buttons, and patches are frequent items for fan collections as they are tied to the everyday pin trading practice at Disney parks or the buttons that were given to mark a first visit or a celebration there. Patches make wonderful, portable souvenirs of a special location or a way to remember a special event that you never want to forget.

What types of Disney character and movie merchandise is available?

There are many Disney character movie pins, patches to iron on, and buttons, along with Vinylmation. The lanyards, Vinylmation and other items not only cover Disney characters and movies from most of their franchises, but there are also buttons celebrating locations and events held at Disney parks. Patches are versatile memorabilia items that can be used to customize clothing, bags, and more. There are single items available along with sets and lots. There's a huge variety of items for fans no matter their age, favorite characters, or favorite events and locations.

What is Disney pin trading?

While Disney has included pins in its merchandise for many years, pin trading got started at Walt Disney World in 1999 during the Millennium Celebration. From there, it spread to Disneyland, and it's now a common pastime at most Disney theme parks.

In order to start collectible trading, you need to have pins. Acquire your Disney pin, and then the next time you visit Disneyland or Walt Disney World, be on the lookout for cast members (Disney employees) wearing lanyards with pins on them. If you have a pin the cast member doesn't, you might propose a trade with them for a pin they have that you don't.

While many Mickey pins and other pins can be purchased from Disney, there are special pins like hidden Mickeys (so called because there's a Mickey head hidden in the pin's design) that can't be bought. The only way to acquire such pins is through trading with a cast member. Many collect favorite characters or locations while others go after complete sets. The rules and etiquette for pin trading is posted on each park's website and should be read carefully before getting started.

What are vintage Disney patches?

Iron-on patches like the collectible pins are released for movies, characters, events, and locations, and they go on to become collectors' items among fans of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The patches are usually embroidered with glue backing for easy iron application to hats, jackets, bags, shirts, and more. The iron-on patches are not only unique collectors' items, but they can be combined with favorite personal items for memories that can go anywhere with you.

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