You may think of copiers as machines that are only useful in an office setting. The truth is that copiers are handy to have around in both your business and your home. Theyre useful for work, school, and personal papers, and in the case of multifunction machines, they can replace the need for a printer.

What can a copier be used for?

Aside from simply duplicating documents, many copiers are multifunction machines which provide scanning, printing, copying, and faxing.

These are some examples of tasks you can accomplish with your copier:

  • Produce flyers: Whether youre advertising your home business or you need to find your lost pet, a copy machine provides a speedy way to print whatever you need in any volume.
  • Make duplicates of important papers: You dont want to run to the local copy center every time you want to keep a duplicate of papers youre mailing off or giving to someone.
  • Go paperless: A copy machine is an effective way of reducing the paper clutter when your home or office filing cabinet gets out of hand. Scan documents to your computer or the cloud, and free up some space.
What are some options available on copy machines?

As with most office equipment, copiers come with various features that make specific tasks easier.

Depending upon your needs and whether youre going to use your copy machine in a home or office, these are some options to consider:

  • Wireless: Choosing a copy machine with wireless capability allows you to use it as a network printer.
  • Automatic document feeder: This lets you copy multiple documents without having to switch them out one after the other. This feature is most common, and convenient, in office copiers.
  • Envelope feeder: If youre planning a wedding or other large event, an envelope feeder makes light work of all those invitation envelopes.
  • Color: Color copiers add pop to your documents and allow you to easily print out photos as well.
What is a refurbished copier?

You may have heard the term refurbished in relation to office equipment and wondered exactly what this means. A refurbished copier is one that has been returned either unopened or after being used for a brief time. Its common for this to occur when a business is trying out a certain brand or model. The item is tested on whether it meets requirements, and it is resold under the refurbished label. Refurbished copiers often come with a warranty that covers specific parts. Sometimes refurbished copiers come with the same warranty as a brand-new model.