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What You Need to Know About Electric Log Splitters

Whether you are among the growing number of people moving to wood as a reliable source of heat for your home or you simply enjoy sitting by the fire some evenings, a log splitter can make supplying your wood much easier. Unlike cumbersome and loud gas models, electric log splitters tend to be much quieter and more portable. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of these versatile machines.

Understanding hydraulic splitting power

Pretty much all log splitters will use hydraulics to generate the force needed to cleave logs. The exception would be drill-mounted bits that are designed for starting cracks in logs or generating kindling pieces.

Most electric log splitters will fall within the four- to 10-ton category. That amount of force is generally suitable for light splitting work. No matter the power of the unit you choose, you will need to add hydraulic fluid to maintain safe and appropriate levels.

Where can you use an electric log splitter?

One of the most convenient aspects of using an electric log splitter over a gas one is their versatility. They are more portable and lighter in weight than gas models. Look for a log splitter with wheels for added portability and more convenience.

They can also be used in a wide variety of settings – including indoors. That means you don't have to wait for a nice day to split firewood. You can take your splitter into a garage, basement, or workshop and get to work.

Keep in mind that wherever you want to use your log splitter will need to have electric power. For most people, that means an accessible outlet. However, a generator may be used to power one in a pinch.

What features are available on electric log splitters?

The features you need will vary depending on how much wood you need to split, the type of trees you are working with, and the size of individual logs.

Most models will sit relatively low to the ground. That makes putting larger and heavier logs on to them easier. However, for some people, a log splitter with a stand adds an extra layer of convenience and comfort to the task of generating firewood.

Some models can be used with one hand, while others need you to use two. Which one works for you is completely up to personal preference.

Also, consider whether you want to buy a new or used machine. Refurbished models are generally returned to original specifications and can be an affordable alternative to buying one brand new.

To recap, some of the features you should consider when shopping for an electric log splitter include:

  • Wheels for portability
  • Stands for comfort
  • Whether it has a one- or two-handed operation
  • The amount of force it generates
  • Size and weight of the unit