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Craftsman Automotive Mixed Hand Tool Sets

Craftsman is synonymous with quality tools. The company was formed in 1927 by Sears and has had a long and well-respected history. Stanley Black and Decker purchased Craftsman from Sears in 2017 and has continued their predecessors dedication to excellence. Craftsman has an extensive line of tools, including their mechanics tool sets.

What are Craftsman mechanic tool sets?

Craftsmans mechanic tool sets can be as sizable as your needs require. The key components for a good tool set include a socket set with extenders, wrenches, and a variety of screwdrivers. Dont overlook the necessity of pliers, vice grips, a hammer, a mallet, and a tape measure. Youll also need a case or tool box to store everything.

What types of mechanics tool sets does Craftsman have?

If youre just starting out and only looking for the basics, the Craftsman 40-piece tool set is a solid start. On the other hand, if youve decided that you have the space and desire to gather the complete Craftsman 540-piece collection, it delivers a full spectrum of tools. There are many combinations in between these two. They each contain the key mechanic tools to assist you in repairing what you might encounter with vehicle issues. The following are a few options.

  • The 40-Piece Extreme Grip Mechanics Tool Set offers some of the basics of what you should have on hand. Its 3/8-inch ratchet drive and socket set will adjust most of what you encounter, including spark plugs. Its also equipped with a variety of wrenches and hex keys. You can use them for both metric (mm) and imperial (Society of Automotive Engineers [SAE]) measurements. The sets bit driver offers a space-saving, multiple screwdriver bit variety pack, and its all included in a durable tool bag.
  • The 83-piece Evolv tool set is a logical step up as it includes a larger assortment. The socket set has been increased, and the 1/4-inch drive works with metric and SAE systems. Added with the ratchet handle are an extender and adapter. A hex tool set is adaptable to mm and SAE. Other inclusions are the adjustable wrench, drive with setter bit assortment, pliers, and a claw hammer. The set comes complete with a tape measure, a level, and a tool bag for storage.
  • The 165-piece mechanics tool set is a practical midpoint between the entry and complete tool sets. Its a more extensive collection of each category.
  • The 540-piece set is the cream of the automotive tool set crop. With its full array of sockets, ratchets, wrenches, and much more, you are certain to feel well-equipped.