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DKNY Bras and Bra Sets: Beautiful Support

Since the earliest civilizations, undergarments were the norm. Whether for hygiene purposes or for general support, women have chosen to wear bras to preserve the shape of their breasts while reducing the strain on the skin of the bosom. From sexy, alluring lingerie to Litewear, lace, and T-shirt bras, there are enough choices in bras to suit any type of situation and activity.

What Types of DKNY Bras Can I Buy?

  • Body Suits: These types of bras are like onesie swimsuits but made for use as undergarments. They are worn by slipping your legs through the waist portion and clipping the strap of the bra. This classic undergarment type can come in lace, cotton, and other materials along with cups in the bra. A pair of straps secures the whole thing. Another classic design incorporates poplin stripe designs that harken to vintage swimsuit designs of the late 1920s. Bodysuits also come in the brand's Litewear variants, which are thin but provide ample support throughout the day. DKNY Litewear bodysuits can be worn under pants or shorts for the beach or under an entire outfit for warmth and support.
  • Bras: As the most common classic type of women's undergarment, the brand's range of undergarments offers bras as a standalone. T-shirt bras are made for staying invisible under tight fitting shirts. Lace, cotton, and other material may be used. Sports bras are a particular type that puts emphasis on support, rather than the form of the cups and feature no lace embellishments. This ensures optimum fit while you go about your workout routine. Balconette bras and convertibles are other variants. Balconette bras have shorter cup heights, while convertibles can be used both with and without straps.
  • Bra Sets: Bra sets are pairs of garments that include both the bra and panties. These sets usually match each other, and they may come in more than one pair per bundle. Panties can come in high waist variants that provide improved abdominal support and added vintage style with lace additions.
  • Bralettes: Bralettes are variants that are unlined and feature no cups. The unlined design means less bulk, but the stretchy material means that nipples may show through the bralette and your clothing. Lace is a typical material used in bralettes for the added highlights when incorporated in the edges.

What Kind of Material Is Used to Make Bras?

  • Organza: Organza is a thin material that lends well to colorful prints. Playfully designed bras from the brand feature organza at the outer layer for added color along with lace.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo fibers are soft and have antibacterial properties. Some forms of bamboo tend to stretch out over time though, so keep an eye out for that.
  • Silk: Silk is an embodiment of luxury. Smooth, lustrous, and rich, this fabric is ideal for classic sensual lingerie.

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