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Why Choose an All-In-One Computer?

All-in-one desktop computers offer a lot of freedom in the way of desktop computing. Gone are the days when users have to spend hours setting up a new desktop device and maneuvering around piles of cords. With an all-in-one computer, users have the freedom to plug their computer in and begin using it, which saves both time and space but also allows for a sleek, clean workspace.

What is an All-In-One Computer?

  • All-in-one computers combine the computer tower and monitor into one device, freeing up space and hardware by making the desktop computer one device versus a combination of several pieces of hardware.
  • Much like laptop computers, all-in-one desktop systems offer everything in one piece of hardware.
  • Most, if not all, computers will come with an Intel processing chip.

What Operating System Does This Device Use?

  • Depending on which device you use, the computer will come with a different operating system based on the manufacturer.
  • A Dell Inspiron, OptiPlex, or other all-in-one PCs will usually come pre-installed with Windows 7 or Windows 10.
  • However, any PC can be upgraded to an operating system like Windows 10 if the user purchases and downloads the software.

What is The Processing Power?

  • The computers generally come with Intel Core processors made by Intel from AMD that operate on either a dual-core or quad-core processor.
  • The one drawback to an all-in-one desktop such as an Inspiron with Intel HD graphics is that they usually operate on a slower Intel Pentium processing chip than their bulky, tower counterparts, but Pentium chips are still sufficient for most users.
  • The devices sometimes have limited hard drive space but this is a problem that can easily be fixed with an affordable external hard drive.
  • A dual-core chip can process more GHz than a single-core, just as a quad-core can process more GHz than any other.

Are There Touchscreen Options For an All-In-One Computer Like There Are With Notebooks?

  • Dells line of Inspiron computers offers a touchscreen, but there are wide variety of all-in-one products out there that offer the same feature.
  • Most devices boast specs such as LED-backlit keyboards, HD graphics, built-in HDMI ports, and DVD-RW drives.

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