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Choosing a Denon Blu-ray Player for Your Needs

Denon Blu-ray players offer you the technology necessary to play Blu-ray discs for a high-definition video experience. Along with their additional features, Blu-ray video discs deliver superior audio and video quality when compared with DVDs. To take advantage of this high-quality video format the next time you are entertaining company with a movie, youll need a Blu-ray player.

What is the difference between Blu-ray and DVD players?

The main difference between Blu-ray and DVD players is the type of disc each one can play. The former plays Blu-ray-style discs; the latter plays DVDs. Although these two discs look the same, discs using Blu-ray technology are read using blue lasers to allow for storage capacity that is five times the size of that offered by traditional DVDs. With a larger storage capacity, Blu-ray discs can hold more audio and video information to provide an optimal playback experience on an HDTV.

What are some features of a Denon player?

Depending on the type of TV you own and your viewing needs, you can choose a Denon Blu-ray player that has some of these features:

  • 4K upscaling: A player with this feature takes the Blu-ray experience to the next level by making the picture look even sharper on 4K televisions.
  • 3D technology: If you own a 3D television, make sure the player you choose contains the technology to play 3D video.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi: A player with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi allows you to stream video from your internet connection and update the machine automatically.
  • Screen mirroring: This feature allows you to send audio and video content from your phone or tablet to the player in order to view or listen on your TV.
What disc formats are compatible with Blu-ray?

Most Denon models can play traditional DVDs, so you can still get some use out of your DVD collection. Some Blu-ray players can also play DVD-R/RW recordable discs and CDs. Higher-end models may also allow you to listen to SACDs (Super Audio Compact Discs) that provide high-resolution audio content. The SACD technology also provides a more accurate sound than traditional CDs do.

What type of connecting cable should you use?

To get the most out of your Blu-ray player, use an HDMI cable to connect the player to your HDTV or home theater receiver. You can do this as long as these devices have an HDMI connection available. HDMI technology allows you to transfer high-quality audio and video over just one cable.

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