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Amplifiers: Main Component for Home Stereo Systems

For over 100 years, Denon has developed home audio equipment to deliver cleaner sounds. The company produces integrated amplifiers with built-in technology to capture low and high frequencies. Features are designed to match your lifestyle and make your favorite tunes sound natural so you don't hear distortions. 

How Is an Integrated Amplifier Different From an AV Receiver?

Integrated amplifiers include both a power amplifier and a preamplifier. They work together to power loudspeakers, players, and other devices. Many preamps include controls to regulate volume, balance, and tones. These shared components save space and money. If your goal is to use your entertainment center strictly for audio, an integrated amplifier is a better choice over receivers. Even though receivers have audio features similar to amplifiers, they can display video on a TV, monitor, or video game console. When adding components to your home theater, the company also offers a line of receivers compatible with their amplifiers.

What Amplifier Features Should You Look For?

An amplifier is the chief foundational component when building a home theater system. USB-B inputs allow you to connect your computer, while an Ethernet port ensures you can network your Internet service with other computers. Likewise, almost everyone prefers a wireless connection to stream music from their smartphones and tablets. Equipment should have a headphone jack for private listening and outputs for speakers to strengthen mid-range and bass sounds. Additionally, amplifiers with remote controls allow you to control functions without getting up. The amount of power output in each channel should be wattages suitable for your living space. Likewise, the unit should fit on existing furniture, such as an entertainment center.

What Features Are Available in Denon Integrated Amps?

  • Compact Design: Designed to take up little space, the PMA-60 model fits on a bookshelf or table. You can position the integrated amplifier horizontally or vertically to tailor its size to your environment and hide cables.
  • Headphone Output: To accommodate different headphone types, the unit has an adjustable impedance feature. The 6.3 mm jack is suitable for home and professional models. 
  • Channels: Most new and used models produced by the company have two channels. The newest PMA-60 model provides 50 watts of power output per channel.
  • Other Features: The manufacturer built in USB-B inputs along with treble and bass controls. Amplifiers have Bluetooth capability with enhanced technologies to filter noise from playbacks whether the volume is soft or loud.